it’s for him..

so they say it’s not gonna be easy..
and you’ve seen people proving to you it’s hard..
it seems to you as if you’ve already known your destiny too..
but hey,
the very basic creation of a human being is made nonidentical..
it should convince you enough that you’ve different path to walk on..
it’ll scare you, drain out energy off your system..
i couldn’t change that even if i consistently scream to you not to freak out..
but for once, you really need to keep believing you’ll get through this..
i see efforts i see determinations i couldn’t see reasons for you to screw it..
you have my prayer with you..
nevermind what the outcomes would be,
you’d still have the same person standing behind you, for you to fall back on..
good luck sayang 🙂

2 thoughts on “it’s for him..

  1. ye yeah… thanks a lot! it sure helped me finished 10 chapters this morning… :p

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