i’m talking about sexual relationship..

here’s one or two things i picked up from the long and serious conversation i had with a dear friend..women just can’t involve in a sexual relationship without a strong emotional attachment..unless it’s their profession..

may be this issue is context specific – i’m talking about the women from the east, where religion and traditions play an important role in their socialization and in turn, shapes the kind of romantic relationship they might choose..to them, and being one of them, if you’re to ask “would you mind the break up if you’ve had a sexual relationship?” i’m sure most of them including me will say “yes, we’ll seriously mind and we’ll have a hard time to get over it..that is if we can ever do it”

well to think about it again, it wouldn’t only be the people from the east who would think of it that way..as long as they’re women, they’d have a strong emotional connection with sexual relationship..i don’t really have a literature to cite here but go watch friends with benefits, you’ll get my point..nevermind where they come from, they’d get sensitive and emotionally attached especially when it involves sexual relationship..

time changes and the new generations are receiving a lot of exposure especially from the media..so they watch the cheesy korean drama for a start and the dreamy and romantic images trigger their desire into having such a romantic relationship..and when they have something similar or quite close to it, they start to desiring something more “fun” like a sexual relationship..and they have plenty of available resources to help them to be good at that..(p/s no i’m not blaming the korean drama nor it’s the sole reason that could spark desires)..

and, for some, they’d just go for the “fun” parts undermining the cultural consequences..it might occur to them things like “would i regret it? does he deserve this?” but at that moment, they think they can bear the consequences..

but when they eventually find the time to think about all the things they have done, they might even regret their kisses – for realising that their partner might not be the one they’d like to live with..or finding uncertainties in their relationship (the partner might not be ready) or finding out the true colour of their partner (their middle name is cassanova without you realizing it)..

regretting, would you..?

i might sound conservative, may be i am..but no matter how much civilisation has changed us, there’s value in each relationship, especially in sexual relationship..especially with eastern people, they’d still find themselves torn between desires and culture..if you reach that stage in a relationship, it’s crucial to appreciate and value the favour highly..and it has to be visible if not audible, outside of the bed too..

4 thoughts on “i’m talking about sexual relationship..

  1. “Unless its their profession”… haha
    Oxytocin and vasopressin are the culprits. I would say unless you are not humans, you won’t be affected by these attachment hormones.

    1. haha..betul la..unless it’s their profession..it’s true that there is something to blame, but really, some people think they’ve grown up and they are “illegible” for such “fun” but they say they are not ready to even seriously “commit”..and how’s that in sync again..?and it’s sad, that oxytocin and vasopressin are so in control that they’re overtaking cultural aspects i.e religion and beliefs..irony how civilization brings back human to the ice age..

      1. If they think they are illegible enough for such fun, then they must adult enough to know the consequences of their actions…. For instance, when the relationship turns sour. There is abortion to be dealt with if it gets to that point, shame, regret, social stigma and the emotional pain. All alone too because males have less to lose in a sexual relationship and they’re highly likely to be in one just for the fun of it. Fully realizing the consequences, and when things go awry, I guess no fuss should be made.

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