bilingual, are you not..?

One of my friends mentioned that she’s impressed with some of the Chinese she met – who had been speaking fluent Sarawakian Malay with perfect pronunciation like the Malays did..

so the world consists of people making meaning to life in different languages

well she got me into counting back the number of chinese friends i have..and the chinese i have been meeting..and one thing i found amusing about them is – none of them (whom i know) is monolingual..it’s not something unknown or unfamiliar to us but it has to be enlightened to notice anyway..agree..?

go to the wet market and see who the majority is in making good business selling raw seafood and grocery items..in order for them to make good businesses running they have to make sure they can speak the language of the consumer whom in majority are the malays..they speak to us in malay, yes..?do they get us into buying the meat..?yes they do, successfully..

and i experienced it myself when traveling brought me to the other part of the world..i was looking for soft tofu and of course i needed to go to the asian market to find one..in serbia i could really just call it a chinese market because the sellers were all chinese..and yes they spoke serbian too! even when they’re speaking to fellow chinese, they preferred to speak in serbian..

alright here’s another example..i was boarding for frankfurt from a long transit in shanghai and i was flying with lufthansa..since the base i flew from was china, the cabin crew would of course be chinese..and upon getting my meal, the attendant came to me to confirm that i was requesting for a muslim meal..i swore he looked nothing like a german because he was absolutely a chinese but he spoke to me in german..and with less-than-basic german i assumed that was the question he intended to ask and pretended as if i understood (because he was cute! LOL!) i nod my head and said Danke πŸ™‚ *i swore he knew afterward that i wasn’t german nor chinese that when he came back he spoke english to me* TT_TT

but yeah, and he’s a living proof of a multilingual and he’s a chinese..

my point is, wherever on earth they live, chinese would always be bilingual if not multilingual..exclusion for those who stay in the mainland and have no exposure to any other languages (but i bet they know a few other dialects)..the chances are higher for them to be multilingual if they’re a product of a mixed marriage..and i really find it sexy when you don’t look anything like a native who speaks a particular language and suddenly the words of that language come out from your mouth..

p/s why i LOVE my linguistic class..?my kiwi friend speaks arabic (fluent arabic), a chinese classmate speaks german, another kiwi classmate speaks spanish and japanese, and a lecturer who screwed my french for he’s an english who speaks fluent french and spanish and german T_T oh i miss them *cry a river*


tomorrow i need to..

1) download all attached documents (interview and certificate replacement – MARA & FHSS)

i'm in a mess too..you just didn't know because you didn't bother to ask 😦

2) complete all of the forms

3) get the registrar to certify the certificate replacement forms

4) make copies of all the certificates

5) get the copies certified

6) bind the certified copies

7) check FHSS reply – if the certified certificate replacement form can be emailed

8) courier it if it cannot be emailed

9) check for application status

10) confirm transportation and accommodation for the interview

11) finish everything not later than tomorrow

12) i swear i’d reward myself afterwards


of not being independent..yet..

haha..that's technically how i feel like doing for stressing out

it’s hasn’t been a month yet from my graduation date but to count from when i finished my practical, i have been jobless for three months now..and everyone around me has been askingΒ  either – where do i get posted or when will i start working..and some concerned lot were asking – when will i get married..

it’s been hard on me, trust me..because i finished my degree at the age of 24, when most of my friends of the same age have been working for at least a year and have been earning quite a stable income..and at the age of 25 (by year, but not quite yet..haha) i’m still waiting for the job to “come” to me..if i was given more options, i would’ve gone for interviews from day one after i completed my practical..too bad, i can’t have the luxury of having that as one of the options..

and on the sponsorship behalf, they are still taking their time to arrange for our interviews – selecting panels and sorting out the dates for everyone of us..they’ll be interviewing those math and sciences graduates too and since they’ll be interviewing the local graduates as well, i’ll just excuse them for needing a long time to set everything up..and for the time being, i’ll just constantly get in touch with them to see if they are making any important announcement..they’re just incompetent in passing the news around that we have to look for the news ourselves..

so yea, such delays have been giving quite a huge effects on our lives..it seems like we need to start a bit later in life and we have to prolong our dependency towards the guardians..it feels bad that it’s not only affecting our life personally, but it also affects the people we live with..and some big decisions in life has to be put on hold because we lack financial stability..

but yea, i’m still very grateful that i have some very supportive family and friends around..they wouldn’t mind treating me some lunch or dinner if we’re to go out but i never feel good receiving, without knowing when i can return the favour back..

but anyway, i’m in a dire need to keep being positive..i need to keep believing that the longer i have to wait, the bigger the reward i’ll be getting..and i’m praying hard for God to bless me with patience, plenty of it so i can endure all the challenges coming my way..and i hope the people around me would be patient too..i’ll start slow, and i bet it’s gonna be a slow start..i’ve never give in to anything before but this is beyond what i can control..


what’s your favourite colour..?

my best friend is counting days to her big wedding day and she has been busy with all the preparations that need to be done..and of course, among the things she has to think about – pelamin, theme, dresses, the bed etc..and everything involves colours..so she decides that she will be wearing peachy pink and all of us will be wearing pink..

and it so happened that i went to browse for thai silk with another friend and her sister at one of the textile malls (my friends were starting up their fashion lines) and while browsing for the targeted items, i stumbled upon a rack full of satin silk..and upon touching the cloth, i went all excited seeing all the different colours..

so my friend and i started to choose our favourites and we even planned to ask begum (yes, begum is the one who’s getting married real soon!) to change her colour preferences..haha..but we couldn’t make our minds though as to which colour was the most favourable..well my friend chose hers, but i just couldn’t settle with one..i wanted to have all of them! πŸ˜†

and then something crossed my mind – i’ve never had a colour preferences..i mean, i’ll go for the most beautiful to my eyes, so whatever colour it comes with, if i like everything about it – design, texture, detailing, whatever etc etc etc, i’ll take it and put it on..

alright let’s browse together –

this dress comes in pink, with orient detailing carefully sewn to a contemporary design featuring the cute ribbon belt..so pink looks pretty too, right..?who doesn't want to look like a princess..
and this red dress looks appealing too especially to those who's blessed with a petite structure..and that black ribbon sort of give a life to the plain, red background..
and who says earth tone doesn't glow..?the silvery touch to the deeply-toned grey makes this dress looks elegant..and that wavy effect, that might be the kind of vibe you'll need if you're attending any event nearing windy autumn..
would you still refuse emerald green now..?
and yes, they have plenty more tones of the same colour..i don't really favour the design of this simple dress but the colour looks beautiful..if one is to take the same colour on a different fabric, say silk, it could have been the prettiest colour on any given occassion..
and who would not fall for this oceanic, turqoise blue..?

now do you get what i mean..?and do you understand why can’t i decide for one particular, highly favourable colour..?because it has to depend on the fabric, the design, the detailing the whatever other factors i could think of when i’m buying any piece..


i can’t decide..i’ll let my partner decide according to his liking when our time comes..may be i’d just need to be grateful i won’t have any problem putting on any colours..la la la..haha..keep the tomatoes to yourself..red will only make me glow πŸ™‚

p/s dear boyfriend..you went to bed when you’re so mad at me 😦 *puppy eyes* i’m feeling sorry for you just because you’ll add another wrinkle line on your face or on your eyes πŸ˜›

p/s/s haha alright i’m sorry..gee~


that horror movie they made me watch..

if you’re to take me to an horror movie, just make sure i don’t know what movie you were buying for me..keep the purchase information with you, including the movie passes..and i won’t bother looking at which cinema i’m going or what movie will be played in that hall..

so my friends were planning to watch the underworld – only to find out it’s not under the “now showing” list..but since everyone has been looking forward for a movie, so they purchased the awakening instead..and i wasn’t paying attention to the title when they mentioned it to me, because i won’t be watching the underworld anyway..so on the basis of “whatever”, i tagged along anyway..

when we were queuing to buy popcorn, i saw the poster of that particular movie..and the tagline, sort of, read as this – sometimes dead does not mean gone..i turned to my friends – what movie did you just buy..?and they went like – the trailers are the best compared to the rest of the other movies (that we haven’t watched)..

read the tagline

and helplessly i walked into the screening hall, trying to convince myself that the movie wouldn’t be as spooky because it didn’t sound as popularly recommended..

the introduction convinced me that it should be something scientific..as influenza was mentioned to be the reason of death at that period..and the main lead was also looking for scientific explanations for the alleged paranormal activities..

and just a few minutes after that i was shocked with the suspense and thrilled with the effects..i sure wouldn’t want to admit i was the one screaming and accidentally swore to the plot..and no, i wasn’t the only one, but my friends told me i was the loudest..of course! i didn’t cheat my eyes by not watching it..i practically surrendered to the surprises T_T i was so inexperienced i didn’t know the ghost was coming with the heavy opera musical background! i would’ve hidden myself too if i knew..haha..

but yea, i’m never a fan of an horrorΒ  movie..but to this one, it’s a good choice if you’ve watched all the other box office movies πŸ™‚ see if you find the turn of the story was funny near the climax..here’s the trailer if you’re interested –


my first day of school..

schools are reopening, yes..?and now i really wish i could pack my stuff, and go back to school..counting the baju kurung i have, carefully iron each one of them, fold and place them carefully on hangers..and make sure mom doesn’t pack them in the luggage bag – they’ll end up crinkled and i’ll need to re-iron them again at school..and no! i’ll make sure i wont be bringing any luggage bag to the hostel because practically there’s no proper place that’s “legal” for us to place the luggage..so any bag that’s foldable, i’ll make sure i have one for the clothes..

oh! one week before that – stationery shopping..i had no idea what happened to the stationery from the previous year..and files, books..they all need to be shiny and fancy..

the girls would love the first day of school – so yay! they could see their eye candies πŸ™‚ or look for one..

i remembered my first day of form 2..my friends were all excited thinking they’ll be having juniors in a few days time..but not for me, i wished form 1 never ended..i wished that f5 senior who’s been so kind to me would still be there..and i wouldn’t have to deal with the now f4 senior who’s been so keen at me, in a freaky kind of ways..

but yea, i managed to keep myself busy and when the juniors came, i joined the girls in their mission to woo for cute juniors..haha..as a spectator i mean..

alright, now i’ve strayed..but yea, new year meant new form, new subjects, new uniforms, new experiences..life was really rainbows and butterflies..we really looked forward to grow up and becoming the seniors..

and i remember, everyone would wake up early on the first day of school..dewan makan would be filled unusually..we’d be in the classroom even before 6:50am..walking in the cold dew, breathing the smell of the trees..and i wished i cherished sunrise as much back then..because that’s one of the best place to catch sunrise i’ve ever been to..

and that prep night would be the noisiest..we’ll be sharing things we’ve got from the holidays..and that first prep, it’ll still be awkward for the guys to talk to the girls..

i miss school..happy new year all πŸ™‚