my first day of school..

schools are reopening, yes..?and now i really wish i could pack my stuff, and go back to school..counting the baju kurung i have, carefully iron each one of them, fold and place them carefully on hangers..and make sure mom doesn’t pack them in the luggage bag – they’ll end up crinkled and i’ll need to re-iron them again at school..and no! i’ll make sure i wont be bringing any luggage bag to the hostel because practically there’s no proper place that’s “legal” for us to place the luggage..so any bag that’s foldable, i’ll make sure i have one for the clothes..

oh! one week before that – stationery shopping..i had no idea what happened to the stationery from the previous year..and files, books..they all need to be shiny and fancy..

the girls would love the first day of school – so yay! they could see their eye candies 🙂 or look for one..

i remembered my first day of form 2..my friends were all excited thinking they’ll be having juniors in a few days time..but not for me, i wished form 1 never ended..i wished that f5 senior who’s been so kind to me would still be there..and i wouldn’t have to deal with the now f4 senior who’s been so keen at me, in a freaky kind of ways..

but yea, i managed to keep myself busy and when the juniors came, i joined the girls in their mission to woo for cute juniors..haha..as a spectator i mean..

alright, now i’ve strayed..but yea, new year meant new form, new subjects, new uniforms, new experiences..life was really rainbows and butterflies..we really looked forward to grow up and becoming the seniors..

and i remember, everyone would wake up early on the first day of school..dewan makan would be filled unusually..we’d be in the classroom even before 6:50am..walking in the cold dew, breathing the smell of the trees..and i wished i cherished sunrise as much back then..because that’s one of the best place to catch sunrise i’ve ever been to..

and that prep night would be the noisiest..we’ll be sharing things we’ve got from the holidays..and that first prep, it’ll still be awkward for the guys to talk to the girls..

i miss school..happy new year all 🙂

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