that horror movie they made me watch..

if you’re to take me to an horror movie, just make sure i don’t know what movie you were buying for me..keep the purchase information with you, including the movie passes..and i won’t bother looking at which cinema i’m going or what movie will be played in that hall..

so my friends were planning to watch the underworld – only to find out it’s not under the “now showing” list..but since everyone has been looking forward for a movie, so they purchased the awakening instead..and i wasn’t paying attention to the title when they mentioned it to me, because i won’t be watching the underworld anyway..so on the basis of “whatever”, i tagged along anyway..

when we were queuing to buy popcorn, i saw the poster of that particular movie..and the tagline, sort of, read as this – sometimes dead does not mean gone..i turned to my friends – what movie did you just buy..?and they went like – the trailers are the best compared to the rest of the other movies (that we haven’t watched)..

read the tagline

and helplessly i walked into the screening hall, trying to convince myself that the movie wouldn’t be as spooky because it didn’t sound as popularly recommended..

the introduction convinced me that it should be something scientific..as influenza was mentioned to be the reason of death at that period..and the main lead was also looking for scientific explanations for the alleged paranormal activities..

and just a few minutes after that i was shocked with the suspense and thrilled with the effects..i sure wouldn’t want to admit i was the one screaming and accidentally swore to the plot..and no, i wasn’t the only one, but my friends told me i was the loudest..of course! i didn’t cheat my eyes by not watching it..i practically surrendered to the surprises T_T i was so inexperienced i didn’t know the ghost was coming with the heavy opera musical background! i would’ve hidden myself too if i knew..haha..

but yea, i’m never a fan of an horror  movie..but to this one, it’s a good choice if you’ve watched all the other box office movies 🙂 see if you find the turn of the story was funny near the climax..here’s the trailer if you’re interested –

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