what’s your favourite colour..?

my best friend is counting days to her big wedding day and she has been busy with all the preparations that need to be done..and of course, among the things she has to think about – pelamin, theme, dresses, the bed etc..and everything involves colours..so she decides that she will be wearing peachy pink and all of us will be wearing pink..

and it so happened that i went to browse for thai silk with another friend and her sister at one of the textile malls (my friends were starting up their fashion lines) and while browsing for the targeted items, i stumbled upon a rack full of satin silk..and upon touching the cloth, i went all excited seeing all the different colours..

so my friend and i started to choose our favourites and we even planned to ask begum (yes, begum is the one who’s getting married real soon!) to change her colour preferences..haha..but we couldn’t make our minds though as to which colour was the most favourable..well my friend chose hers, but i just couldn’t settle with one..i wanted to have all of them! 😆

and then something crossed my mind – i’ve never had a colour preferences..i mean, i’ll go for the most beautiful to my eyes, so whatever colour it comes with, if i like everything about it – design, texture, detailing, whatever etc etc etc, i’ll take it and put it on..

alright let’s browse together –

this dress comes in pink, with orient detailing carefully sewn to a contemporary design featuring the cute ribbon belt..so pink looks pretty too, right..?who doesn't want to look like a princess..
and this red dress looks appealing too especially to those who's blessed with a petite structure..and that black ribbon sort of give a life to the plain, red background..
and who says earth tone doesn't glow..?the silvery touch to the deeply-toned grey makes this dress looks elegant..and that wavy effect, that might be the kind of vibe you'll need if you're attending any event nearing windy autumn..
would you still refuse emerald green now..?
and yes, they have plenty more tones of the same colour..i don't really favour the design of this simple dress but the colour looks beautiful..if one is to take the same colour on a different fabric, say silk, it could have been the prettiest colour on any given occassion..
and who would not fall for this oceanic, turqoise blue..?

now do you get what i mean..?and do you understand why can’t i decide for one particular, highly favourable colour..?because it has to depend on the fabric, the design, the detailing the whatever other factors i could think of when i’m buying any piece..


i can’t decide..i’ll let my partner decide according to his liking when our time comes..may be i’d just need to be grateful i won’t have any problem putting on any colours..la la la..haha..keep the tomatoes to yourself..red will only make me glow 🙂

p/s dear boyfriend..you went to bed when you’re so mad at me 😦 *puppy eyes* i’m feeling sorry for you just because you’ll add another wrinkle line on your face or on your eyes 😛

p/s/s haha alright i’m sorry..gee~


6 thoughts on “what’s your favourite colour..?

  1. Nah~ i wont add extra lines by going to bed early. you on the other hand will make your eye bags so obvious by going to bed at 2 or 3 am in the morning. Nak jd cikgu panda ke? :p

    1. haha..then a panda i should be 🙂 don’t worry about that jack..i’ll sleep properly when school starts..and..thank you for dropping by 🙂


    oh, i have always thought i like green but most of my things are either purple or pink. hows that? haha.

    1. eh how come..?kalau you baca guna mobile version pun boleh tgk sepatutnya, sbb i dh enable mobile version..xpe i check kjap kalau pinterest yg block gambar tu..

      p/s it shows u have colour preferences! senang you nak pilih apa2 la yg kena ada theme nanti..haha..

    1. haha..bukan utk aku pun pilih kaler2 tu cik sar..utk kwn2 aku..and kalau boleh aku pun nak join pilih2, tapi belum ada rezeki buat masa ni..sabar dulu eh cik sar..nanti kalau aku nak pilih, aku ajak kau pilih sekali 🙂

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