of not being independent..yet..

haha..that's technically how i feel like doing for stressing out

it’s hasn’t been a month yet from my graduation date but to count from when i finished my practical, i have been jobless for three months now..and everyone around me has been asking  either – where do i get posted or when will i start working..and some concerned lot were asking – when will i get married..

it’s been hard on me, trust me..because i finished my degree at the age of 24, when most of my friends of the same age have been working for at least a year and have been earning quite a stable income..and at the age of 25 (by year, but not quite yet..haha) i’m still waiting for the job to “come” to me..if i was given more options, i would’ve gone for interviews from day one after i completed my practical..too bad, i can’t have the luxury of having that as one of the options..

and on the sponsorship behalf, they are still taking their time to arrange for our interviews – selecting panels and sorting out the dates for everyone of us..they’ll be interviewing those math and sciences graduates too and since they’ll be interviewing the local graduates as well, i’ll just excuse them for needing a long time to set everything up..and for the time being, i’ll just constantly get in touch with them to see if they are making any important announcement..they’re just incompetent in passing the news around that we have to look for the news ourselves..

so yea, such delays have been giving quite a huge effects on our lives..it seems like we need to start a bit later in life and we have to prolong our dependency towards the guardians..it feels bad that it’s not only affecting our life personally, but it also affects the people we live with..and some big decisions in life has to be put on hold because we lack financial stability..

but yea, i’m still very grateful that i have some very supportive family and friends around..they wouldn’t mind treating me some lunch or dinner if we’re to go out but i never feel good receiving, without knowing when i can return the favour back..

but anyway, i’m in a dire need to keep being positive..i need to keep believing that the longer i have to wait, the bigger the reward i’ll be getting..and i’m praying hard for God to bless me with patience, plenty of it so i can endure all the challenges coming my way..and i hope the people around me would be patient too..i’ll start slow, and i bet it’s gonna be a slow start..i’ve never give in to anything before but this is beyond what i can control..


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