bilingual, are you not..?

One of my friends mentioned that she’s impressed with some of the Chinese she met – who had been speaking fluent Sarawakian Malay with perfect pronunciation like the Malays did..

so the world consists of people making meaning to life in different languages

well she got me into counting back the number of chinese friends i have..and the chinese i have been meeting..and one thing i found amusing about them is – none of them (whom i know) is monolingual..it’s not something unknown or unfamiliar to us but it has to be enlightened to notice anyway..agree..?

go to the wet market and see who the majority is in making good business selling raw seafood and grocery items..in order for them to make good businesses running they have to make sure they can speak the language of the consumer whom in majority are the malays..they speak to us in malay, yes..?do they get us into buying the meat..?yes they do, successfully..

and i experienced it myself when traveling brought me to the other part of the world..i was looking for soft tofu and of course i needed to go to the asian market to find one..in serbia i could really just call it a chinese market because the sellers were all chinese..and yes they spoke serbian too! even when they’re speaking to fellow chinese, they preferred to speak in serbian..

alright here’s another example..i was boarding for frankfurt from a long transit in shanghai and i was flying with lufthansa..since the base i flew from was china, the cabin crew would of course be chinese..and upon getting my meal, the attendant came to me to confirm that i was requesting for a muslim meal..i swore he looked nothing like a german because he was absolutely a chinese but he spoke to me in german..and with less-than-basic german i assumed that was the question he intended to ask and pretended as if i understood (because he was cute! LOL!) i nod my head and said Danke šŸ™‚ *i swore he knew afterward that i wasn’t german nor chinese that when he came back he spoke english to me* TT_TT

but yeah, and he’s a living proof of a multilingual and he’s a chinese..

my point is, wherever on earth they live, chinese would always be bilingual if not multilingual..exclusion for those who stay in the mainland and have no exposure to any other languages (but i bet they know a few other dialects)..the chances are higher for them to be multilingual if they’re a product of a mixed marriage..and i really find it sexy when you don’t look anything like a native who speaks a particular language and suddenly the words of that language come out from your mouth..

p/s why i LOVE my linguistic class..?my kiwi friend speaks arabic (fluent arabic), a chinese classmate speaks german, another kiwi classmate speaks spanish and japanese, and a lecturer who screwed my french for he’s an english who speaks fluent french and spanish and german T_T oh i miss them *cry a river*

2 thoughts on “bilingual, are you not..?

  1. People keep mistaking me for a Chinese.. a Japanese or Korean sometimes. When in fact, I’m a half Malay and half Javanese. Can I be considered as mixed marriage product? :p

    1. but the point remains, are you bilingual..?yes you are..but tell you what..you could have been multilingual..ok skrg pergi belajar bahasa jawa dia tu..haha..

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