what was with the interview..?

i should find the same kind of feng shui :p

before i went for an interview with mara, i accidentally lost my degree certificate together with the official transcript that sat together, quietly in the graduation folder..i think i lost it while i was so busy making copies to be submitted to mara as well as submitting some to upm for my post graduate application..here’s the funnest part of all – the certs were only with me in less than a month time..my carelessness was so critical it’s even written on my degree! *facepalm*sigh~*

and anyway, during the processes of submitting a report and having to prepare for the interview – i got all stressed out and emotional..

1) of course because i lost the certificates – and i have to pay for the new copies..

2) i was so upset when i have to go for the interview – it’s in penang!

3) i was further upset because – i need a job, i do..but i don’t want to work with mara – but i can’t do that..i have to work with mara for 5 years according to the contract..

4) i was in denial – i was preparing everything for the interview – when the only thing i wanted to do was not to go for the interview..

5) i was confused – should i screw the interview so mara would terminate my contract or should i do well and yes, work with mara..

it’s such a mixed feelings and really it had been driving me insane..but i went to the interview anyway and i was lucky enough that my family decided to go to penang with me..and my friends who had undergone the interview the day before told me the kind of questions and activities i should be expecting during the interview session..

so upon entering the interview room i got to make friends with the people i would be entering the room with..and from the brief ice breaker activity, i got to know that one of them was a teacher in one of the government schools in johor and she happened to be my super senior in wellington..the second person was a teacher in kys..the third person was a part time lecturer in uitm shah alam..the fourth person was a sarawakian guy who’s a teacher in one of the primary schools in sarawak and the last person was a lecturer in one of the private universities in melaka..yes, they were all experienced teachers and i was the only fresh graduate..

the interview went well anyway despite being the “disadvantaged” experience wise and when the interviewer asked me on my mobility – if i’m willing to teach far from my hometown..i turned them down by saying i would like to but i can’t..my justifications to that question could have been the lamest reasons but i needed them to know i’d rather tell them the truth than finding one day, i’d be regretting myself for telling lies..

so i’d done my part..my cert had been couriered to me, i participated in the interview and did as best as i could while i was at it so if i were to be terminated (which they say could be highly unlikely) i’d find myself a different job and if i were given the post, i’d just find sincerity and work for them..either way, i’m prepared for any possibilities..

and oh, alhamdulillah now my degree is a BEd TESOL (hons)..i’m just waiting for them to acknowledge my majors, i’Allah..

p/s: it’s been a bumpy ride all the along, and i bet it’s not gonna be any easier..dear kind and patience boyfriend, thank you so much for being there for me..you know i love you 🙂

this was back in 2009..we really had no idea what it would be like in 2012..and tadaa~

4 thoughts on “what was with the interview..?

    1. amin~i’ve never forgot to pray for it..thank you for dropping by..i’m humbled to have you around 🙂

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