that distant future..

the new generations just lave sharing everything are they not..?

let’s just say, life hasn’t been a bed of roses lately..both for me and my friends..and i’m glad to say that no matter how difficult the situation gets we’d still try to be there supporting each other..trust me during that time, money does not really matter but a kind visit to cheer up the situation does wonders – beyond what money can do..and we really help make things feel better just by listening to them..my dear friends, don’t give up praying for situations to get better..and be strong, ya 🙂

so i’ve seen how things work both in general and private hospitals..i’ve heard complaints from patients in both general and private hospitals..and all that i can conclude is no where is heaven but we can try to make things feel and work better..

i mean, when i’m old, not strong, not beautiful anymore and i act as if i’m a 4 year old kid – that i can’t remember what my name is and i need help to even clean myself, i’d still like to be treated well (i hope i don’t have to undergo that phase but this is saying if it were to happen)..i’d still want to given the best medication and be well taken care of..and i mean with love..

i could have kids – grown up kids by that time..i wish for them to be very successful with their own little family.. *smile*..and if they are a very good kids, they would want to take care of me and their dad..but here’s a thing..would my in laws like it..?would my grandchildren enjoy it..?

by that time the generations might be facing very different challenges and living very different lives from what we’re living now..even now a household with a single bread winner is stressing themselves up for not having enough to support the needs of the family members and thus, most of the households now have two breadwinners – both the husband and the wife need to be working..and i really think with time, there’ll be more needs and expenses that they’ll have to pay for..so if everyone is busy with their works, who can have the time to take care of the parents..?remember, they’d have their own kids that they need to monitor too..hence, having to take care of an old and sick mother would really be  a burden to the kids..

so here’s the plan..dear future husband, i’m making my stupid plan now for both of us..you can disagree, don’t worry 🙂 but i do plan for me to save enough so when the time comes i can afford to pay for my medication and a nurse at the nursing home..this plan wont make my kids as disobeying me or being disrespectful – i’m just trying to not make them have unnecessary worries..this thing has been carried out in a lot of western countries and i believe there’ll come a time this thing would be seen as normal in this country..

but as long as my parents live, i’d love to take care of them..that’s the least that i can do because i can never repay everything that they have done and sacrificed for me..and actually i don’t need any reason to take care of them..

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