teenagers and freedom..pt II

so last time i talked about how the society should look into the issue of freedom – that there’s not only one, cliche explanation to help the teenagers live their teenage lives and survive their hormonal rages..and it’s always wiser to educate before putting a blame on them..and when they understand all the logical reasons behind what is happening to them, understand the sort of responsibilities they’re up to, ready with the psychological, physical and emotional changes they will be facing, then marriage is one of the best solutions to their explicit desires..again, this is highly culturally biased..

why i said marriage could be a good solution..?

1) marriage is another way of educating the teenagers that life is not all about enjoying pleasures without having to worry about responsibilities..so if they are already interested at one part of the commitment, they should know too they have to be ready for the other part of the commitment – being committed by law and everything that comes with it..

2) compare these situations – a child being born out of wedlock and a child being born out of a sacred marriage..even if both children are left soon after they are born, at least one of them will have a clear/legal root of ancestry and when they grow up they have the legal rights for financial support..either way, legal or not these kids will have a “unique” childhood as they’re deprived from a fatherly contact or worse, God knows..but getting things legalised in black and white is never a bad option..

3) imagine growing up not knowing your other half brothers/sisters..and eventually knowing you’re falling in love with your own flesh and blood..again, that can be avoided..

4) marriage and responsibilities show you’re not a coward..

well seriously there are plenty more reasons for them to choose marriage over adultery..but with early marriage, one should also expect plenty of other issues too because fitting in is never easy..and one of the biggest concern in having a family at such a young age, (when they are at the stage where there are plenty to achieve – education..and they have to juggle with part time jobs and household chores) can they have a quality marriage..?

this argument can forever go on like the chicken and egg argument – it’s not easy to find the best solutions..but one thing is certain – education is the best policy and if early marriage is to happen, it’s not the worst thing that could ever happen..and i’d like to suggest for weddings to be made easier for them..sometimes they jump into adultery because they simply can’t afford the cost of the wedding but they are prepared for everything else..yes, they want to take the responsibility..

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