it started with a show i watched on tv..

nevermind what i stumbled upon in facebook..

i watched some celebrities wedding preparation on tv just now πŸ™‚ nevermind how they do it or how much the spend on doing it, i’m wishing them a lifetime of togetherness..

really it’s amazing how nature prepares such occasions in our life..we’ll talk about only those happy and beautiful and joyful occasions ya πŸ™‚ we really need those positive vibes around..so yea, like getting into primary school, entering university, graduating, getting married, buying your first house, marrying your kids etc the list can go on and on for forever..

but it’s wonderful how life offers a few checkpoints in our lives – whichever culture you’re growing up in, those occasions really shape the turns of your lives..those checkpoints might not necessarily be the same with everyone, but i’m pretty certain everyone has some checkpoints they’re looking forward to undergo in their lives..it’s not mysterious if you look closely, because there’s a laid down path for us to walk on..

when you walk on it and how you walk on it, that’s the mystery you’ve to unearth..so do you remember how was your first day in primary school..?or do you still remember your first dream crush coming true..? πŸ™‚

yes yes him! i remember having a SUPER HUGE crush on him after watching pearl harbour..

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