this time of the year, last year..

i browsed through my facebook timeline just a few minutes back and i saw one of the juniors who happened to live in my neighbourhood in kelburn, wrote something like his adapter just blew out and i saw his location as now back in that same neighbourhood..

immediately i went like, for the last four years, around this time of the year, i wouldn’t be in malaysia as i was either on my way back to wellington or i was already there..here’s the post i made exactly at this time of the year, last year..

if i were to reflect myself on my achievements, i was more successful last year than this year..at least i had a specific goal at that point of time and i knew i didn’t have to wait for too long to achieve the goal..and i just loved the feeling of knowing “alright so when you’re done with this thing, you can proceed with the next thing”..

i really don’t want to bore you with what i’m doing currently because i’m so bored waiting myself..let’s just say, how i wish i don’t have to undergo this, and how i wish i can be walking around uni, waking up hesitating if i should take a shower or race with the sun if i could wake up before it rises and draw an airplane after exhaling against the glass window..life really was beautiful..

and i do, want to feel successful again..yes, in this different phase of life..come on mara, make it quick will you..?

That summer walk around the harbour, just a few months back..i miss that place, i miss the company too 😥

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