of a ride..

i’ve never been a good driver due to lack of practice and i know all of my friends will be delighted to certify this..boyfriend has been the only person brave enough to get a ride with with me but trust me, i’ve been giving him a lot of heart attacks with my driving..sorry boyfriend! 😛

so that’s why i’ve always aimed for small cars for easier maneuvering – so parking and reversing wouldn’t be giving me a lot of problems..but most of the small cars i love would be too expensive or non existence 😦 let’s have a look..i’ll not talk all technical here so let’s just see them the bimbo style, ya..haha..

1) nissan pivo 1

this is pivo 1..they have pivo 2 and 3 and 3 is the ugliest..but what i love about this car..?the cabin can move 360 degree so yeah, you'd never have to reverse! how's that sound in making our driving better..?i don't mind getting the unnecessary attention from its shape, at least i don't have to embarrass myself if i have to do bay parking 🙂

2)iMove by apple..yes, apple..

yes, i read about this car a couple of years back and i went like, seriously apple, are you trying to dominate everything?but their concept car looks appealing to me - it's built with all the technological advancements possible - including everything in their gadget lines, making it highly marketable..3 persons can be seated in this compact car and despite the size, it still has a bit of a storage - rear of the vehicle..the exterior is made up of photochromic materials so yes!!! you can change the "theme" of the car..haha..how fun is that..and it's convertible too..

3) toyota corolla hatchback (yes i’m being realistic now)

alright i've to be serious now..so i've seen plenty of this car in new zealand..and i've driven it..trust me no other cars have given me that "perfect match" feeling like this car has given me..i wish they have it in malaysia 😦

so my conclusion..?we should migrate to countries where the roads are a lot safer and the car prices are much more reasonable 🙂 good night for now..drive safe to those who dream of driving in a superfast super expensive cars tonight..

p/s : i always find “you want to steer but i’m shifting gears – i’ll take it from here” as one hell of a sexy line in a song..gee~

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