of my buka puasa..


i’ve been procrastinating to make up for the fast that i missed last ramadhan..and after gathering all the might i have, i finally completed a day today..alhamdulillah..

so at the middle of the day while doing the routine clean-up, i planned on what to cook for dinner..(i stumbled into this website while alternating cleaning up and web browsing hence the elaborated plan!) i really loved working *alright i’m indulging into my passion now as if i’m a good chef* with fish fillet and tomato soup had been my all time favourite..i really REALLY wanted to try this Skillet Cajun Spiced Flounder With Tomatoes..go see it for yourself, you’ll want to go to the kitchen and make it like immediately..or find a restaurant serving such dish..

but of course i wont try it without knowing if we have any flounder in malaysian market..what is its malay name if we have it..?i wont substitute it with other fish before knowing its original taste in its original recipe..but i’m sure i’d try it with something quite about the same if i can’t resist it anymore 😀

but yea, i made something totally very different instead..very asian in its orientation..i made nasi goreng nenas with telur bungkus ayam black pepper 🙂 yum~

it’s a meat-free nasi goreng – the typical nasi goreng pedas ft pineapple, corn, carrot and chinese long bean (kacang panjang)..

the heavy telur bungkus – a combination of meat and vegetables..black pepper chicken cooked with lemongrass and tomato juice..of course with some cili api to heighten the spiciness..added with cauliflower, baby corn and chinese broccoli (kailan)..

the nasi goreng really needs a balance combination between spicy (from the chilly) and sweet-sour (from the pineapple)..the rest of the ingredients should be minimized..

it's a top view..haha..but yea, that's how it looks like..

as with the telur bungkus, be sure to beat the egg with black pepper too..the combination of lemongrass and tomato would stabilize the hot sensation from the pepper and cili api as well as heightening the smell of the chicken..do not overcook the chicken, you don’t want to lose the spicy-sweet taste of its flesh..

there you go, you can even eat those for dinner without rice..

do let me know if you need the recipe 🙂 pardon the poor images..i’m more keen to buka puasa 🙂


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