of being selective..or unwanted..?

for the nth of times, i’ve been planning and drafting a blog post in malay but i ended up screwing everything for i cannot write like how i speak..for the love of God, i really REALLY need to practice my malay writing..this is beyond embarrassing 😦

anyway, i was tweeting with a friend..nothing serious..he was describing about the weather there and he’s been fortunate enough to see some “up-skirt” scenes πŸ˜› so i jokingly teased him that he should really get married because he couldn’t seem to be able control himself to behave πŸ˜† then he replied something like “nobody wants me” with a sad face..awww~ 😐

he caught me into thinking – how could that be..?i mean, how could he be so certain that nobody would like to take him as her boyfriend or a better half..?he’s a man, the gentleman..so to me, really, it’s more logical for the reason to be he’s being very selective in considering somebody to be special to him..alright i’m not talking about the person i communicated with specifically, but this could be a possible generalisation for guys, really..

no matter how modern the technological advancements evolve and take the society into a highly civilized nation, most people would choose to remain conventional when it comes to finding a suitable partner i.e it’s always the guys who have to “chase” after the girls..and most girls really think it’s such a HUGE embarrassment if she has to confess to the guy that she likes him..it’s even beyond humiliating if the confession doesn’t turn out successful..so yea, we do believe that the first move should come from the guys..

so no guys, it’s not that nobody wants you, it’s just nobody sees you as paying extra attention to anyone and of course, why should they respond to something uncertain and risk themselves on unnecessary embarrassment..?

it’s more logical if the single girls say that nobody wants her rather than accusing them for being too fussy in choosing a partner..they really could list down some endless criteria for a partner and work their asses off into finding such a person (dressing up to work, acting demure and graceful, showing some brain achievements etc) but the question remains – could we get it..?

alright may be you could put the blame on something else then πŸ˜›

should i list down my criteria as an example here to make you understand..? πŸ˜‰

but yea, girls don’t really have the authority to make the first move..the nature is sort of hindering us from doing it for it will be going against our demure femininity..

the most that girls can do is to give a subtle hint like being concern or purposely let her stare gets caught up..but sometimes guys are too dumb to pick up the hint..and as for guys..gosh..girls would always notice it even if your hint was feather-subtle but they’d not get involved as they couldn’t see any determination..who’d want to risk embarrassment on something so uncertain..?but we hate it too if you get too confident because it simply annoys our ass off..it only tells us you’re capable of doing/saying the same things to every other girls..and nope, girls don’t like even an inch of risk of compromise..

2 thoughts on “of being selective..or unwanted..?

    1. sometimes life can be too bitter that we wish cupid could help take one problem off the shoulder πŸ™‚ thank you for dropping by anyway..

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