of the results they received..

alright so i’m giving you a task to complete as you read this..i’m attaching a youtube video with this post and i’d like you to watch it, of course..and as you watch, do observe and have a thought about the following –

1) who do you think struggles more in performing the song..?
2) comparatively speaking, is gwen sebastian (small lady, short hair) not deserving to win..?

alright keep all your thoughts until the finishing sentence of this post because i’m planning to talk about something else right now, not directly related to the video i just shared..i’d like to talk about the newly announced SPM results..

each year when new SPM results were announced, i’d be reminded to that one particular day when i received something i didn’t want to receive but i was prepared to receive..each year the announcement of SPM results had never failed to remind me of my failure..

if you’re to look at my result, you’d not see a consistent line of 1A in all of the subjects thus making me not anyone of those “successful” candidates for that specific exam..yes, i didn’t score straight As in my SPM and looking at the education background (where i had my secondary education at) of course i was considered as the “less” successful..

i’m NOT trying to tell everyone here that i’d done a HUGE mistake in life for screwing my SPM result or making excuses for making the result inconsistent with several Bs in it..what i’ll try to tell instead, is that no matter how successful or unsuccessful the candidate is, what matters most is the learning process – if they can benefit from it and explore more from what they’ve learned..and chances are, not ALL students can benefit from some specific courses and not ALL could see the space for exploration..it’s the same logic that has been made in our biological make up – that no one is the same genetically speaking..Einstein had long made it crystal clear that if you judge a fish by its ability to climb, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid..

so let’s just say of all the subjects i learned from school including those unlisted in exams e.g surviving skills, friendship and growing up manual, i benefited from all, but i could only explore more in the language subject and everything else unlisted..and according to the exam system if you cannot prove it in your exam result thus you cannot prove you’ve benefited from the lessons..in black and white, yes, i failed..

but here are several things exams cannot measure – the effort each one of the students has put into in conducting a group experiment..the time spent in solving a mathematical problem because the student couldn’t understand as easily and quickly as the other students..the hard time the students had in remembering the biological facts or some confusing chemistry formula..of course, the numerous exercises they did in trying to understand how english grammar works..

the learning processes are never measured, because what matters most to them is the result..really it undermines the most disadvantaged – those who needs more time to understand, those who are uninterested and those who are just unfortunate with exams..

the same with the video i shared..to me gwen has done a lot MORE than erin..but erin can easily nail her because she has more of the same thing that gwen has (vocal style and consistency)..but i bet gwen has learned more because singing to that level is not easy on her..so how could winning do them any justice..?and how could exam results justify who’s MORE successful than others..?

3 thoughts on “of the results they received..

  1. I think our education system needs a major change. and schools should change the way they grade their students. the system needs to acknowledge that bukan semua manusia ada kapasiti untuk mentelaah buku dan pelajaran 24jam sehari untuk dapat straight As.. we should not be celebrating those with straight As shj and put them on every newspaper covers. we should look at the Bs and Cs as well. mungkin budak2 ni xbagus sains matematik biologi kimia, tp they are really talented in arts, humanities, sports etc. skolah harian biasa should have these options. bkn nya bukak another skolah sukan and offer limited space. ada lg ramai khairul fahmi, a.samad said, farish noor and ayu zie anuar (heheh) kat skolah harian ni. they are begging to be nurtured.

    i remember when i was in form 3 and scored straight As for my PMR, when i decide to take aliran sastera for my spm, 3-4 of my teachers came to me and talked me into changing to aliran sains. of course budak2 apa tau so i changed to aliran sains. i may not be the only girl in this nation yg pikir mcm tu. students should be given greater optionality. ada banyak bidang ilmu dalam dunia ni and xada satu ilmu pun dlm dunia ni yang tak berguna. instead of pejam mata pada students yg x skor straight A dlm examinations, the system should turn their heads and look at the Bs and Cs and Fs because these “other” students must have their own stories to tell.

    1. skrg they only think org2 dlm bidang science je yg boleh maju..xpe kalau buat science tp tak score, masih boleh explore bidang sastera afterwards..tp derg tak fikir the load of works the students have to do sbb they need to catch up and there’s no kepakaran if they start that way..ohhhh the world is unfair 😦

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