of that day out we had..

it’s been ages since i went out with the girls and spent 80% of our time posing for cameras..all thanks to those with smartphones whom batteries died in honour of applications usage that i had no choice but to use my darling, old phone’s camera..the photos weren’t so bad afterall 🙂

we’re all a bit worn out from the weekdays day in day out activities – work and stuff so the plan to spin on roller blades changed into a sleazy, couch-potatoing activity of watching a movie – one for the money..it’s not so bad, but it’s a slow paced movie..watch it in cinema with companies..you’d end up sleeping if you’re to watch it alone at home..

we then headed to the jetty and i just hated that place so much for its emptiness of an ambiance that i forced them all to go to the library instead..so yea, enjoy the following photos – of comfort food and beautiful creations that cost us around MYR170.00 but time having each other’s company and quarrel..?PRICELESS darling..

the pose at the not-flashy-at-all background after being forced to leave the place 😛 we're waiting for our buggy ride! 🙂
left : lea,yot and cuda..and the menu books after hours of mind boggling decision-making task..thank you abg librarian for being so patient 🙂
told you my old phone's camera is still well and young at heart..he loves pretty subject 🙂 and that was cuda being asked to fake a laugh and she's just nailed it..good job drama queen..
is she your teacher..?be thankful that she's your teacher as she still teaches you despite her backpain that is yet to be discovered..the calm and more settled acheng 🙂 who says you look aging..?you still look like the 18 year-old you! well may be when you're 18 you look more mature than your age 😛
not my favourite..i prefer the apple ale more..and too bad while in wellington for graduation i didn't go to kelburn shop to get my apple ale fixed 😦
this is acheng's pasta..i didn't remember the name exactly but it is served with a fish fillet..and it's a hot version of a pasta..a more malaysianised kind of pasta for the malaysian taste buds 🙂
this is cuda's chicken wings..too rich in sauce that i only eat a piece of them..well that's because i accidentally cut my finger when opening the can that it's painful for me to eat with my fingers especially eating something rich in chillies and tomatoes..but everyone else loves it..
this is yot's chicken carbonara..the creamiest we've ever tasted that i wish i brought some black pepper with me to spice it up a bit..trust me you'd want to finish it before the air cools it down..
so this is my chicken leg..i wish they give me more veges but the mushroom soup is a different story..we couldn't have enough..a bit too salty so nope, boyfriend can't have it..the whipped potato is an ok but the chicken leg..?well i was suprised with its look..think it could have a better appearance..as for the taste, it's another ok because it could be better if it's not too well done as it's a bit too dry served in well done..you can't choose for how it's cooked but you can always kindly request for it the next time..if, you like the meat to be a bit juicy like me 🙂
i don't know what they call this thing..may be a modernised version of a candeliar but i'll just stick to lamps 😛 they say it looks like spiders legs but spiders are arachnids with 8 legs so i'll call this one as one of the decepticons for its un-handsome look 🙂 it's too unkind that i add some flying dove to tender the evilness 😛 and really i should have taken some photos of the couch we've been couching on..

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