of the long wait and time wasted..

it has been a long wait, too long it’s been damaging to my passion and motivation..if anyone is to measure my motivation rate since i completed my teaching practical until nearly four months after graduation, it can be plotted as one of the inverse graphs (i wish i’m talking about the right graphs 😛 ) all that i can say – the sponsoring organization has been taking back the hope they gave themselves a few years ago..it looks nothing different from poisoning the seed they just planted..

the real big deal with this issue is the very contract that we keep holding on to..so it is stated there that once we’ve completed our degree, we’ve to come back and teach mrsm for five years, we can’t even continue our studies before finishing the five-year service..that’s the price we have to pay for sponsoring our studies overseas which cumulatively amounted around myr 500k and thus tying our legs and hands from going away to find some other jobs..we have a huge debt to pay here but it seems like they don’t need our service, so why should we stay..?

people ask all sorts of questions upon finding us as having the luxury of enjoying free time as much as we wish..and it’s been the most annoying questions for us all – 1) “when will you be working..?” the next time they bump into us at the petrol station they ask 2) “oh, so you’re still not working yet now..?” and the next time they call on weekdays during office hours, and we pick up the phone, they ask 3) “eh, you’re at home..?tak kerja ke..?” and try to repeat the answers to 20 more people..

the next most popular question – 4) “when are you getting married, you’re not getting any younger you know..” seriously, it’s visible through your naked eyes that we’re not working yet and you expect us to be able to put up a wedding ceremony and invite you to the wedding and feast you with all the fancy food..?yes we can put up a wedding ceremony but we don’t plan to invite you because we’re short on budget for you..unless you’re planning to pay for our wedding..so if that’s not the case, don’t bother asking, thank you..

talking about wedding – if we’re not tied with mara and has already scored ourselves the oddest of jobs, we could have started to save for our future like on savings, investments, insurance, buying a car and a house, and of course put up a wedding and have an elaborate honeymoon holiday..who doesn’t want that..?but no, we were staying true to our promises and we waited..so all of the above, are still in the pending list 😦

who doesn’t want to be financially stable and ready for a new commitment or the next phase of life..?

oh, and this question 5) “oh, you’re still using that old phone, how cute!” please, i know you mean to insult..alright, it’s just unfortunate to some of us who can’t afford to catch up with the digital development but hey, we don’t ask for your money to pay our bills, yes..?please, be more respectful will you..?

but of course, there are still consequences of not being able to catch up with the technological advancements and it affects those people we communicate with and it affects the quality of the communication too..i just hope whoever has to wait for me to have it wont be troubled as much for having to spend more on me..i wish i could do something about it but i need more time for that..and i’ll just hope when the time comes i won’t be having too much things to prioritize that this has to wait..so yea, i’m sorry for this..

it has been pressuring too that now everything in the household revolves around your presence..so you’re expected to do the cleaning, fetching your sisters, buying groceries, attend a kenduri or drive around..the list could be longer..they make you wonder – these things can still be carried out if i’m not around, why should i do them now..?

dear better days, come to us quickly, please 😦

8 thoughts on “of the long wait and time wasted..

  1. I’m trying to find something appropriate to say here but in the end I guess there’s nthng else to say but: sabar… hehe. Better days will come.

    1. doing it amir, thanx 🙂 nvr have i expected it will somehow turn out to be this bad..

    1. yea babe, this thing has been taking its toll on us..even we question ourselves, badan sihat otak masih berfungsi, knp masih nak bergantung dekat org lain lagi..?anyway, mana resume kau kata nak send smlm..?dah boleh send hari ni patutnya..email dekat aku..

  2. Allah does not charge a soul except (with that within) its capacity. (Al-Baqarah 286)

    Sabar 🙂 Pray hard that everything will be alright. The rewards to those who have been tested is paradise, provided u keep seeking the help from Him.

    1. i’m doing it, i’Allah..pray for me too 🙂 i can’t wait to end all these myself..

  3. Ah.. Speaks my mind exactly. Part everything suddenly needs us tu betul. Tgh sdap tdo suddenly sister call asking me to pick her at somewhere2. Rumah kena bersihkan. Tp if x buat semua ni, i don’t know lah how crazier can i get. These are my job right now and the last thing i want is for evryone to ‘fire’ me. Jobless double time. Lol.

    1. hahaha..sama poms!! tapi skrg mak dgn nenek aku mcm selalu plak tak sihat..kalau aku takde, siapa je la nak tolong derg..it’s a blessing in disguise jgak kita belum dpt kerja ni..

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