of not having to pay for what you’d be learning..

i’ve been abandoning the blog, again! this is so not cool..sorry dear blog 😦

but yea, let’s just say there’s still pretty much no news from the sponsoring organization up until today eventhough several meetings had been carried out and several promises were given..just before i wrote this, i submitted two job applications just so i can really make the hardly-earned degree useful..

what’s been going on lately..?what you’ll be reading after this, should be read in a whispering tone, alright..?3, 2, 1..”i just celebrated my 25th birthday” and that morning on my birthday, a bouquet of roses was delivered at my door 🙂 something to be happy about when everything seems to be uncertain..

and oh, i just got back from bandung..been there for 3 days and everything was so overwhelming but really i don’t want to be grateful for not having to do what they need to do to survive but seriously, we’re way more fortunate than most of them..thing as simple as offering an umbrella to walk under in a rainy day could be a job to them and really their odd jobs definition have a bigger range than what we could think of..if i could say this, their life condition really have made them to be creative in inventing jobs..

and on a different note, i’m writing this from boyfriend’s laptop..thank you si moncett for ur help..and thank you too for the flowers 🙂 ohhhhh and the trip too ♥ ♥ ♥

5 thoughts on “of not having to pay for what you’d be learning..

    1. gambar semua dekat si moncett lagi satu la poms, aku tak sempat curik lagi..anyway, it’s been quite an experience..kalau kau pergi dgn aku, aku yakin kita dua yg end up tolong derg bekerja..ohhhh..

  1. She ‘stole’ my MacBook! Help help!

    Owh well, what to do… Maybe I should get an iPad now… :p

    1. haha..thank you for letting me steal it 😛 just make sure u’re doing the right purchase if you feel like having it..

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