of the story untold..

i was blown away, really..i’m crying as i write this..
you see that rainbow..?of course the one that comes out after the rain with sunshine..
yes i was talking about that rainbow..
you know, each time you see a rainbow, you should know that somebody, at least somebody would have a story to tell about their life in regards to the rainbow..
it could be something that could remind them of something they hold dearly in their life..
could be something they never want to forget..and yes me too have a story to tell when i see the rainbow..
of that earthquake that i don’t want to remember, and the image of knowing someone else’s history about it that never fails to invite envy in me..
it doesn’t make distrust an issue here, i thank God i knew because knowing it helps me to understand that you’ve never failed to be such a thoughtful person..
from the songs, to what you wear, to what you believe in..
really i’ve never seen that part you..no one really gets to see it..
as an observer i really believe things could have been different if only things WERE told and let known..
question is, what was stopping you..?

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