Hey kid, your change

I was sending one of my friends to a bus station and suddenly I remembered that I used to be given a school kid rate fare with the bus ride I had..

I was sent to the farthest school from town so I had to take two bus segments..so I mentioned the destination to the driver, “upper hutt college please” and the usual fare should be around 4.50..instead of getting a 50c changed, the driver gave me a $3.00 change..I looked at the ticket and it’s written there something like “school concession rate”..and I went like “scooorrrrrreeeeee” with a big grin 🙂 and suddenly everything in the world is right again..even the school was never too far..haha..

Gosh..I miss my teaching experience..no matter how far the school is I’d never worry on the quality of education I’d be receiving..


i’m out of the machine..

a lot have been happening to me lately and as of today, it’s nearing a week since i finished the orientation camp in lenggong perak and an induction course in MARA hq..that one week felt like the longest week ever but really i couldn’t be more grateful as niena and i were placed in one of the newly furnished rooms at the hotel we stayed in..i wanted to take that bed hommmmmmmmmee T_T

as for that camp, really, i dont think anyone in their right mind would volunteer to go and undergo all of the activities we did..i mean, all of the activities were fun and exciting like night walking, flying fox, community service, water sports (only to mention a few)..but the time constraint really acted as a major turn off..we slept around 4am one night and the next day we’re up at 6am..really it was physically challenging, not to mention how many times i fell into kolam tadahan air penuh berudu dan lumpur warna hijau penuh lumut (yes english couldnt explain it that well) because i fell from the monkey rack and tarzan swing..still unfortunately i couldn’t find my tarzan T_T

alright i was ok with the activities, i was just a bit frustrated with the content of the camp..the talks and messages from each of the activities revolved around getting us to be tough for the coming position that we enrolled ourselves into – teaching..true enough things couldn’t get any worse – physically..but by brainwashing the future teachers into thinking being a teacher could be one of the deadliest jobs on earth – what could that lead into..?

i liked the idea when they said “get to know the people first, get to know how’s it like in THEIR culture there and get to know how to work with the people there before introducing anything new”..that kind of advice gave us hope that with the right way, we could be heard and accepted..

however, not opening up a path for us to challenge what’s already in the system would 1st – put all the money spent on us into waste; 2nd – put everything on the same place, stationary, without any movement against the fast developing countries around us; 3rd – create some poorly developed human capitals who would accept that learning a language would stop at scoring As in exams without having the consciousness of learning it for further use in developing their future..

there’s a clash in understanding the mission between the people in the admin and the people working at the schools..that alone, explained why some of the students were still underachieving when all of the teachers have been spending 90% if not more of their time with the students..

key phrases being – imbalance distribution of time and no task specialization..

really i don’t want to go further into this argument because to some people it might seem as if i’m eating the hands that have been feeding me but i’m just doing my part, into saying that “stop, look around, there are things that could be done right and it’s NEVER sinful to change some of the inherited traditions just so things could improve and benefit everyone of us”..it’s not easy and no one told me it’s gonna be easy but trust me it’s NOT impossible..

look up for new challenges, take up new roles, look into different perspectives and be critical (no, i don’t mean radical)..but remain as a balance human being..we don’t want to be more of a teacher less of a father to our own flesh and blood..tell me honestly if there’s anyone of you who’s willing to spend the whole weekend with the students after a week of classes and not spend it with your own family..or miss the dinner time together with your little toddler just so you could help a bunch of students to score A in their SPM..think about it people..


of some long updates..

let’s just say, this week has been pretty rough and it’s too overwhelming for me that i can’t really digest whatever comes my way..i haven’t been getting enough rest and sleep that it shows on my skin with some weird breakouts T_T

one of my closest friends tied the knot last saturday and it was a very joyful event..she was meant to be pretty that day as most of us did not get our dress made as planned..thank you tailors! =.=” i didn’t have the photos with me now as i immediately gave the memory card to the official photographer for some professional editing..i’ll share them when they’re ready soon 🙂

the wedding was a success so all the energy and emotion “spent” were worthwhile..i remembered having several HUGE arguments with begum several days/weeks before the wedding but when everything was settled, i really believed they were all something awfully stupid that we should be laughing at..truth was, we’re having such a hard time to accept the coming status change 😦

oh, yot’s father passed away last monday..her father had been sick for a couple of years but his passing was shocking for us because he did not show any signs of getting any sicker..it wasn’t easy for yot and her siblings but i know yot is strong enough to handle all these..all her colleagues have been very helpful with all the business related procedures she has to undergo..yot, we’re with you no matter where destiny leads you into..be strong yot, i’ll find you one handsome chinese guy and ask him to marry you soon 😛

oh, finally the good news comes to me..i’ve been called for an orientation and will be given a posting this coming 19th just after the orientation in KL..yay~!!! 😀 and as mean as it sounds, i’ll need to report my duty on the 21st..they really should post me nearby so i don’t have to rush to the school..but the orientation is divided into 2 parts..the 1st part will take place in PUSKEP lenggong perak where i had my team building training a few months ago..*sigh~* so yea, from 13th-19th i’m all booked up by mara..

and, i received an acceptance to sit for an exam for one of the SPA’s posts this saturday..i’m a bit hesitant as to whether or not i should sit for that exam because that application was made as a back up plan during my idle period when mara itself was uncertain if they could afford to hire us..but now they’re hiring, and i’m in the line waiting for my post graduate loan to be approved..really i shouldn’t be greedy should i..?or should i be an opportunist and grab whatever opportunity i have in front of me..?dear mara, once you approve my post graduate loan, i’ll not sit for that exam..hang on, even if i sit for that exam, there’s no guarantee that i can pass can’t i..?so yea, why not, just give it a shot, yes..?

oh..this last paragraph is meant to be cheesy so consider yourself warned 😛 i received a surprise last friday as it was marked as our 500th day of courtship..?! haha i couldn’t find any better word..togetherness..?may be..but yea, thank you for the cards boyfriend 🙂 it really made my day and really, i should be more alert with things like this next time..i need to be good with numbers and surprises..he loves those but numbers and me are simply meant to be strangers to each other and i’m only good in blowing the surprises NOT keeping them..haha..see what i can do then *smiling ear to ear* thank you for the cards thank you for the thoughts, of course..i really couldn’t thank you enough but really i appreciate those even i discovered the watermarks..haha..i love you sayang..like you said, 500 more years with years that i have to tolerate with those bidadari..haha..that was cute jack, indeed..yes, hopefully 🙂


they care, i know..

we’re about to go out to take away some dinner..

little brother : *he parks the car right in front of the stall* along tunggu dalam kereta, idin pergi beli kejap..lock pintu tau..*and he walks away to the stall buying some char kuey teow special*

on a different night, dad and i go out to buy dinner because mom is too sick to cook and her daughter is too exhausted from an earlier event..

dad : ayu beli 3 je tau, ayah dah kenyang petang tadi dah minum petang heavy..*so i go to the stall and place my order* as i wait and look around *as it’s awkward for me to wait and just STARE at the cook preparing my dinner* i see my dad at the other corner of the stall watching over me..

you see, i can’t really decide who i should love more..what can i say, i’m truly blessed, alhamdulillah 🙂

and it’s mother’s day today..happy mother’s day!