they care, i know..

we’re about to go out to take away some dinner..

little brother : *he parks the car right in front of the stall* along tunggu dalam kereta, idin pergi beli kejap..lock pintu tau..*and he walks away to the stall buying some char kuey teow special*

on a different night, dad and i go out to buy dinner because mom is too sick to cook and her daughter is too exhausted from an earlier event..

dad : ayu beli 3 je tau, ayah dah kenyang petang tadi dah minum petang heavy..*so i go to the stall and place my order* as i wait and look around *as it’s awkward for me to wait and just STARE at the cook preparing my dinner* i see my dad at the other corner of the stall watching over me..

you see, i can’t really decide who i should love more..what can i say, i’m truly blessed, alhamdulillah 🙂

and it’s mother’s day today..happy mother’s day!

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