Hey kid, your change

I was sending one of my friends to a bus station and suddenly I remembered that I used to be given a school kid rate fare with the bus ride I had..

I was sent to the farthest school from town so I had to take two bus segments..so I mentioned the destination to the driver, “upper hutt college please” and the usual fare should be around 4.50..instead of getting a 50c changed, the driver gave me a $3.00 change..I looked at the ticket and it’s written there something like “school concession rate”..and I went like “scooorrrrrreeeeee” with a big grin 🙂 and suddenly everything in the world is right again..even the school was never too far..haha..

Gosh..I miss my teaching experience..no matter how far the school is I’d never worry on the quality of education I’d be receiving..

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