eh, noooo you’re not at the wrong blog..

see the new theme..?haha really i have plenty of time for this huh..?ah well..this theme is meant for photo blogging but yea, let’s just try something new, yea..i don’t really put up a photo with each post but may be now i should 🙂

as a start, and since i really don’t have anything much to say because i just want to show you this new theme, let’s see some lanterns! haha..i’m a fan of lanterns anyway so yea, if i were to decorate my room, i’d replace table lamps and may be the feature lighting with lantern too!

how can you not love the pastel finishing..?
and energy conserving with candle replacement..oh i love those!

no actually the post feels a bit dry..come on i just want to know what you think of the new theme..?haha..crowded..?fresh..?whatever, tell me 🙂 i could put up a header background for the header but if i were to put a photo, wouldn’t it be a bit too crowded..?*thinking~*


of that quiet weekend..

It’s been a very quiet weekend..my brother took the car with him so I pretty much spent the whole day at home..the day didn’t start well and I really think I’m so overworked with it that it’s been consuming my every energy and emotions..so let’s just say, I need to provide that much needed seasonal time for whoever needs it..

So I used up the time cleaning up my closet..making space for mom’s baju kurung and jubah, trashing away some very old and unused items..really I wished I knew a place to send those items to be recycled..

And I found these 🙂 they cheered me up for a bit and really brought back the good old times in mind..

beneath the name badges, i didn’t only find mine, there were a few others..i knew why darul’s was there and avec being the most loyal dorm mate but hainur’s..?haha did cuda actually forgot to take it from me..?
these are the treasures..if i were to have a child, he/she would have enough badges to use up until form five if he/she uses two per year 🙂
the exco’s name tag..haha do you still have yours ariff..?
one of these is the exco’s tie clip..but the other one’s the school’s..question is, why did i have it..?who gave it to me..?

just so you know..

if it’s me, i’d cry my problems out to the person i love..i’d whine about it, tell him/her how i was right, how things have been going against me, how i wished things could happen the way i planned it..

even if it’s a good news, i’d scream happily, find a person to hug *though i’m not really a hugger* i’d tell all the details of the news, imagine the next steps i’ll be taking, make it inclusive to anyone i’m sharing it with..

my point is, be it a bad or a good news, sad or happy moments, i always find it more meaningful if i could share it with someone else..so if i’m so down thinking like it is the end of the world *given the skewed way of thinking when you can’t think straight* someone who’d like to spend his/her time with me and be there for me would make me feel like “young girl don’t cry i’ll be right here when your world starts to fall”..as strong as i appear, when everything falls apart, i really need that someone who’s willing to be there for me to help me pick up the broken pieces or help me clean up the mess i made..

or if it’s so joyful, so eventful, i’d like to share it with someone still, so i know for everything that i have achieved, for all the good things that have been happening, there’s someone who’d like to be part of the celebration, someone who’d be proud of me and be happy with me, not just be happy for me..

but really everyone is born unique with distinct genetics make up..however you wish to keep things to yourself, however you wish to have a thought about it on your own, however you wish to have the time on your own with your own distractions, i’d like you to know i’m always just a text or a phone call away..i’d like to hear more, i’d like to cry with you i’d like to share however you’re feeling with whatever shit that has been happening..

because i care, just so you know..


of that seasonal football..

i’ve been hearing people talking about football and plenty of the girls have been complaining – here comes the season again..football is more important than girlfriends/wife..and the boys would be complaining the next morning “yawn~ i’m too lazy to work i’m so effing sleepyyyyy” and “you’ve no idea what kind of drama i got into last night just because i watched that highly anticipated football match!”

i watched a talk show this afternoon and they invited a motivator to help couples/spouses to cope with the football season..talking about time management, relationship dos and don’ts etc..and i went like..wow, how could it lead into this HUUUUGEEEEE issue at the first place..?and a motivator..?seriously..?it’s just a bloody football game!

dear girls, dear wives, the womanhood! just because they watch football at night and spend less time with you at night and they talk about football 24-7 doesn’t mean they don’t love you anymore..just at this point of time, they love football more than they love you..even so, who knows the more time you give to them to watch football, the more time they think of having you to join them to watch that bloody game..

oh mind my french i’m just sooooo overwhelmed with this HUUUUGEEEEE issue just because you make it huge..

and guys, yes football is your love of life you’ll die if you don’t watch your favourite team beating the life time enemy but please just bear in mind you live NOT for football, idiot (of course unless your last name is Buffon or Pirlo or Giaccharini, oh i love italian names gee~ tutti i migliori Team Italia! *i hope google translate won’t make me look stupid here*)..there’s plenty of other responsibilities that you still have to carry out eventhough you’ve to crawl doing it because like it or not football is not your responsibility so if you want to watch football, go ahead watch it but whatever other responsibility you’ve to carry out the next day you still have to do it you can’t be excused for being too tired after a long night..

thank god i don’t have to deal with this matter..*smile*evil laugh* 😀


of that little capital..

i’m writing this now because one of my friends posted a video on youtube, which featured one of the most determined flautists in wellington city..and suddenly every single picture of wellington resurfaced T_T

if i were to fly there again, i’d still remember which bus to take from upper hutt to karori..or to the swimming pool in kilbirnie from the town..so if i missed the number 2 bus to miramar, i could hop into bus number 6, stopped at the red cross shop in kilbirnie and walked to the swimming pool..or resent how slowly the atm worked to even give out the eftpos card..my theory had always been the wind could be very strong there they didn’t want their customers to report loss of cards because they give out the cards so quickly and the wind further blew away their cards..

oh, and every time i walked on the shoulder of the road and see postmen on the bicycles, i’d adore on their strong legs for cycling around the hilly area of wellington just so they could save the environment and avoid traffic jams, if they can call it traffic jam there..but yea, those delivery men who put on tights underneath their shorts, hey if anyone never told you this before, let me tell you the legs couldn’t look any sexier than that 😛 and no, yellow or red costumes won’t make you look ugly 🙂

and when it’s winter and i’m too lazy to cook for lunch but it’s nearing dark, i’d quickly ask k.long to go out with me for some pocket drenching activities – sushi on cuba street! it’s just too cold we’d like to have some warm miso soup and treat ourselves with whatever sushi left..if we’re lucky we’ll get them for less..i still remember the owner of that california sushi, a kiwi and his chinese wife who had a mixed child..and among the conversations we had in that shop, “imagine living as that kid, having cuba street as his playground” serious much huh..? ah well..

and those annoying skateboard guys..but now i really miss those noise..uwaaa T_T and oh, those stupid crazy things they do like honking in a tunnel..celebrating near a week anniversary of a relationship..the perfume sales..

i miss those yellow buses..i miss those pedestrian traffic lights, i miss the gloomy winter, i miss the accent..i miss everything about wellington..when there’s not much to do in that town, looking at posters in the cinema area could be fun..and that turkish restaurant, i miss your iskander..

here’s the video

they have this..and i miss it 😦


Of something i always want to remember..

There’s a lake in front of you, beautiful, huge nine, a number of golfers..there’s a fountain magically coming out of the lake..and suddenly everything is so overwhelming to you..I’d like to share everything, tell the world that I really think I’m the happiest person on earth and scream to everyone I couldn’t be grateful enough but as exclusive as it should be held, I’ll keep this one to myself..

Really He has everything planned for everyone of us..you wish you could have everything right, but if it’s from him you’d be given a heaven instead of ur dreamed colloseum..you just have to wait patiently and trust me the longer and painful the wait, the better and sweeter the gift you’ll be receiving..pray, don’t give up on that..

I’m up for some race now..for whatever is written for us..I thank You 🙂