Of something i always want to remember..

There’s a lake in front of you, beautiful, huge nine, a number of golfers..there’s a fountain magically coming out of the lake..and suddenly everything is so overwhelming to you..I’d like to share everything, tell the world that I really think I’m the happiest person on earth and scream to everyone I couldn’t be grateful enough but as exclusive as it should be held, I’ll keep this one to myself..

Really He has everything planned for everyone of us..you wish you could have everything right, but if it’s from him you’d be given a heaven instead of ur dreamed colloseum..you just have to wait patiently and trust me the longer and painful the wait, the better and sweeter the gift you’ll be receiving..pray, don’t give up on that..

I’m up for some race now..for whatever is written for us..I thank You 🙂

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