of that little capital..

i’m writing this now because one of my friends posted a video on youtube, which featured one of the most determined flautists in wellington city..and suddenly every single picture of wellington resurfaced T_T

if i were to fly there again, i’d still remember which bus to take from upper hutt to karori..or to the swimming pool in kilbirnie from the town..so if i missed the number 2 bus to miramar, i could hop into bus number 6, stopped at the red cross shop in kilbirnie and walked to the swimming pool..or resent how slowly the atm worked to even give out the eftpos card..my theory had always been the wind could be very strong there they didn’t want their customers to report loss of cards because they give out the cards so quickly and the wind further blew away their cards..

oh, and every time i walked on the shoulder of the road and see postmen on the bicycles, i’d adore on their strong legs for cycling around the hilly area of wellington just so they could save the environment and avoid traffic jams, if they can call it traffic jam there..but yea, those delivery men who put on tights underneath their shorts, hey if anyone never told you this before, let me tell you the legs couldn’t look any sexier than that 😛 and no, yellow or red costumes won’t make you look ugly 🙂

and when it’s winter and i’m too lazy to cook for lunch but it’s nearing dark, i’d quickly ask k.long to go out with me for some pocket drenching activities – sushi on cuba street! it’s just too cold we’d like to have some warm miso soup and treat ourselves with whatever sushi left..if we’re lucky we’ll get them for less..i still remember the owner of that california sushi, a kiwi and his chinese wife who had a mixed child..and among the conversations we had in that shop, “imagine living as that kid, having cuba street as his playground” serious much huh..? ah well..

and those annoying skateboard guys..but now i really miss those noise..uwaaa T_T and oh, those stupid crazy things they do like honking in a tunnel..celebrating near a week anniversary of a relationship..the perfume sales..

i miss those yellow buses..i miss those pedestrian traffic lights, i miss the gloomy winter, i miss the accent..i miss everything about wellington..when there’s not much to do in that town, looking at posters in the cinema area could be fun..and that turkish restaurant, i miss your iskander..

here’s the video

they have this..and i miss it 😦


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