of that seasonal football..

i’ve been hearing people talking about football and plenty of the girls have been complaining – here comes the season again..football is more important than girlfriends/wife..and the boys would be complaining the next morning “yawn~ i’m too lazy to work i’m so effing sleepyyyyy” and “you’ve no idea what kind of drama i got into last night just because i watched that highly anticipated football match!”

i watched a talk show this afternoon and they invited a motivator to help couples/spouses to cope with the football season..talking about time management, relationship dos and don’ts etc..and i went like..wow, how could it lead into this HUUUUGEEEEE issue at the first place..?and a motivator..?seriously..?it’s just a bloody football game!

dear girls, dear wives, the womanhood! just because they watch football at night and spend less time with you at night and they talk about football 24-7 doesn’t mean they don’t love you anymore..just at this point of time, they love football more than they love you..even so, who knows the more time you give to them to watch football, the more time they think of having you to join them to watch that bloody game..

oh mind my french i’m just sooooo overwhelmed with this HUUUUGEEEEE issue just because you make it huge..

and guys, yes football is your love of life you’ll die if you don’t watch your favourite team beating the life time enemy but please just bear in mind you live NOT for football, idiot (of course unless your last name is Buffon or Pirlo or Giaccharini, oh i love italian names gee~ tutti i migliori Team Italia! *i hope google translate won’t make me look stupid here*)..there’s plenty of other responsibilities that you still have to carry out eventhough you’ve to crawl doing it because like it or not football is not your responsibility so if you want to watch football, go ahead watch it but whatever other responsibility you’ve to carry out the next day you still have to do it you can’t be excused for being too tired after a long night..

thank god i don’t have to deal with this matter..*smile*evil laugh* 😀

2 thoughts on “of that seasonal football..

    1. ou~sure..find it..i can always resume my fencing and find all the reasons to always be tired and sick..la la la :p

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