just so you know..

if it’s me, i’d cry my problems out to the person i love..i’d whine about it, tell him/her how i was right, how things have been going against me, how i wished things could happen the way i planned it..

even if it’s a good news, i’d scream happily, find a person to hug *though i’m not really a hugger* i’d tell all the details of the news, imagine the next steps i’ll be taking, make it inclusive to anyone i’m sharing it with..

my point is, be it a bad or a good news, sad or happy moments, i always find it more meaningful if i could share it with someone else..so if i’m so down thinking like it is the end of the world *given the skewed way of thinking when you can’t think straight* someone who’d like to spend his/her time with me and be there for me would make me feel like “young girl don’t cry i’ll be right here when your world starts to fall”..as strong as i appear, when everything falls apart, i really need that someone who’s willing to be there for me to help me pick up the broken pieces or help me clean up the mess i made..

or if it’s so joyful, so eventful, i’d like to share it with someone still, so i know for everything that i have achieved, for all the good things that have been happening, there’s someone who’d like to be part of the celebration, someone who’d be proud of me and be happy with me, not just be happy for me..

but really everyone is born unique with distinct genetics make up..however you wish to keep things to yourself, however you wish to have a thought about it on your own, however you wish to have the time on your own with your own distractions, i’d like you to know i’m always just a text or a phone call away..i’d like to hear more, i’d like to cry with you i’d like to share however you’re feeling with whatever shit that has been happening..

because i care, just so you know..

2 thoughts on “just so you know..

    1. Yayyyyy yippieeeee..hahah sure sebab aku dh jumpakan kau dgn nz rose kan..nanti bgtau k kalau kau suka..

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