eh, noooo you’re not at the wrong blog..

see the new theme..?haha really i have plenty of time for this huh..?ah well..this theme is meant for photo blogging but yea, let’s just try something new, yea..i don’t really put up a photo with each post but may be now i should 🙂

as a start, and since i really don’t have anything much to say because i just want to show you this new theme, let’s see some lanterns! haha..i’m a fan of lanterns anyway so yea, if i were to decorate my room, i’d replace table lamps and may be the feature lighting with lantern too!

how can you not love the pastel finishing..?
and energy conserving with candle replacement..oh i love those!

no actually the post feels a bit dry..come on i just want to know what you think of the new theme..?haha..crowded..?fresh..?whatever, tell me 🙂 i could put up a header background for the header but if i were to put a photo, wouldn’t it be a bit too crowded..?*thinking~*

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