of that quiet weekend..

It’s been a very quiet weekend..my brother took the car with him so I pretty much spent the whole day at home..the day didn’t start well and I really think I’m so overworked with it that it’s been consuming my every energy and emotions..so let’s just say, I need to provide that much needed seasonal time for whoever needs it..

So I used up the time cleaning up my closet..making space for mom’s baju kurung and jubah, trashing away some very old and unused items..really I wished I knew a place to send those items to be recycled..

And I found these 🙂 they cheered me up for a bit and really brought back the good old times in mind..

beneath the name badges, i didn’t only find mine, there were a few others..i knew why darul’s was there and avec being the most loyal dorm mate but hainur’s..?haha did cuda actually forgot to take it from me..?
these are the treasures..if i were to have a child, he/she would have enough badges to use up until form five if he/she uses two per year 🙂
the exco’s name tag..haha do you still have yours ariff..?
one of these is the exco’s tie clip..but the other one’s the school’s..question is, why did i have it..?who gave it to me..?

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