dear farah aliaa abdullah,

this post is specially made for my beloved girlfriend, farah aliaa who tied the knot about two months ago..it’s been a long postponed post but yea, blame the bride for not uploading the photos any sooner..and dear fir, yes it is so about time for you to return my memory card, sincerely the back up photographer (who’s too lazy to shoot for any photographs during that wedding) 😛

haha alright, to my dear, hard headed, rude sometimes and now a very loving wife and a very kind friend,

remember when we were back in standard one or two, we met in a story telling competition at the local library at that small town where we called home..you were wearing a gardener’s outfit, with cangkul made of old newspapers, and a banana tree prepared by your teacher..all set up for you to deliver your story..and yes, we became friend at that time..because i was amused, looking at how well-prepared you were when i was only in my t-shirt and jeans, not preparing any costumes or props because i entered the competition on my own..*why didn’t my school prepare you like your school did..?they didn’t even know about that competition..*

alright nevermind, this post is for her Yuyu! so yea, then we met again several times for public speaking, nasyid may be, some quizes and tuitions..we became friends when the very purpose of our meetings back then was supposedly making us rivals..true, we should be competing against each other, yes..?

and, it was january 19th, 2000 when i was queuing for registration, i saw you and again, we were each other’s first friend because basically we knew nobody back then other than the two boys from my primary school which obviously couldn’t befriended me..

we were young, we were playful..at some point back then, you hated me so much..well i knew the reasons why but yea, that didn’t kill me anyway..haha..a bit of drama took place but tadaa~ we’re close again and by form 3, we’re in g15 together..remember, g15..?how silly..

and eventually we’re down to c-11..nevermind the name..we had our good times together..went outing together, danced, went for competitions, sang the school song proudly in the OLD school bus on our way back to sekolah raja perempuan ta’yah in ipoh because we thought we just had the perfect training and we’ll win the competition on the next day..and you led the singing! haha..

we were in add math group together it’s set 4, that was the second last set if you’ve forgotten it..you’re better than me and instead of making ms. ho screwed with my skewed understanding, i’d refer to you to help me solve my problems but let me tell you this, thank you for teaching me but you just suck at it begum haha..*hugs*

we flew together! oh God, we almost got hit by a car in front of the mamee factory..we danced that hindi dance when we’re in 4theta and remember how the head warden mocked at you when we’re having our training..?and you tried to hide behind one of the SMALL lockers..?LOL!

ah well, the good old times..and when we left school we still did things together..we spent some good times back at your flat in shah alam with cuda and yot and almost everyone..you flashed to them! luckily i wasn’t there to be torn naked! hahah..and as we grow older, we still discuss our matters together..we help each other the way people don’t..we have what most of them don’t have..

we’re more than just friends and sisters..we’re sisters to infinity and beyond!

and now you’re married and i do wish you and fuad a lifetime of happiness and togetherness..you guys make handsome couple and i believe me you’ll make beautiful babies 🙂 each one of you is lucky to be with each other and i do pray that you’ll never get tired to share the love..i’m beyond happy for you both..all the best, my dear friend..

we love you begum!

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