i’m so scaredddddd T_T

i’ll be flying to beijing tomorrow and will have a day transit there before flying off to pyongyang..and i’ve been reading too much information on what should and shouldn’t be done there..as well as what could be brought and couldn’t..so now i’m freaking out because i’ll be flying as a single tourist and NOT part of a tour group and they say people wont entertain you if you’re not part of a tour group or have anyone who speaks their language with you..and they’ll take my phone upon entering that country T_T and will be given to me when i’m about to fly home..and that’ll be a month AWAYYYY and oh, i’ll be flying with a communist plane..ya Allah, protect me, please 😦

and oh, my passport now has a new skin! wee~and *cough* this is my first coach, at 25..thank you boyfriend! ♥ ♥ ♥

i lost the old cover, the one of pvc bought from whitcoulls on lambton quay..it traveled with me as far as i went but its journey stopped when i lost it T_T but i’m loving the new replacement..welcome on board, the new cover..you’ll have ur virgin flight in a few hours..

One thought on “i’m so scaredddddd T_T

  1. Have a great trip darling 🙂
    Take care in a communist country :p
    And owh, jgn buat2 tak boleh puasa.. haha..

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