so here’s what i’ve been keeping to myself..

Praises to God that now the pieces i’ve been collecting are coming together perfectly and accordingly, and for that, i couldn’t be anymore grateful..it takes quite a while for me to notice that things are given to me for reasons and by things i mean everything..each person you meet, each decision you choose, each place you visit, each stage and phase of life you undergo..and for that too, i am beyond grateful for what i had, what i have and what i will be having..here’s a timeline i’d like to share and yes you’ll get what i’m trying to say at the end of this post 🙂

2008 – destiny brought me to wellington and it was a start to a very different chapter of my life – the new friends i made, the new places i went to, the new perspectives i discovered, the clues to every other things occurring from this starting point..

2009 – i encountered a different stage and phase of life on this year..began to be independent socially, juggling studies, LDR and some other pressuring issues and this year was quite a jump start altogether, both drastic and dramatic..some things end, some others started and some others were left hanging and discontinued..

2010 – i grew up to be more mature and fluent with the decisions i made and after winter that year, after one month spent abroad with constant communications and catch up, i figured that what was left hanging and discontinued the year before, was trying to find a proper placing this year..i was terrified with all of the possibilities considering the history i had with it and the blurry future it was trying to offer..so i flew home that summer..

21.12.2010 – let’s just say i saw sincerity in him..he’s letting go of his pasts and he’s meaning to move on and started anew, and he chose me..it was a bit too soon for him to decide who he planned to make me but he decided anyway that he knew where he’ll be heading with me..i gave it a try..he did too..and we moved on from just trying to really wanting to make it worked..

a lot had happened since then..adaptations, accepting one another, denials, arguments, communication break downs, smooth rides rough rides everything..until there’s a point in this relationship that making decisions were never a one sided process..

09.06.2012 – at this stage we already planned for a wedding so that weekend, we decided to visit the possible venues for our wedding reception..so one of the venues was a golf club in melaka..i showed him the hall, the pool area, the greens etc and i found him so busy looking around like there were just too many people observing him..like suddenly he had to check if there’s enough sunlight for a good photo..and we discovered a newly developed housing project so we decided to have a look and while touring the house, he’s busy checking on the worker that was following us, checking the bed, the balcony the kitchen space! but he was not satisfied, i might say..so when we walked out of the show unit, he asked me to go check the lake with him and so i did because suddenly he thought he had a good view to capture..and i was about to capture the view myself when he got down on his knees asking for my hand in marriage..it was quite a disbelief and may be too good to be true and may be just too overwhelming but i said yes! 🙂

This was where i said ”yes”..there was a fountain on the right corner of the lake, some golfers on the far left nine, and him on his knees in front of me.. ❤

14.07.2012 – when his family came to my humble place to officiate a betrothal between us..to mark a different starting point in my life that i’m about to encounter some serious business here and there was just plenty of things to do before i could step in to another stage of life..

it’s not always a smooth sailing rides but we both are trying build a successful future with everything that we have and Godwillingly our pasts would remain a learned history and the future would give us new hopes..

for his sincerity, honest intentions and determinations ❤
for the responsibilities, for the future..i’m officially taken! *and im not sure if i’m excited or if i’m sad* hahah..
save the date, for the venue will be updated soon, i’Allah..
the boyfriend i’m marrying soon..i’m not sure too if im fortunate or unfortunate 😛 ❤

a quick update..

i have been wanting to post up some photos from my previous trip to north korea and china but suddenly it’s eid now and it makes me wanting to post up some photos from the open houses and visits..but now i am so chasing the time i have to complete my visa application, complete some life changing event’s application, attend several appointments and camps, yes, camps again and again..and i’m so screwed with my photo editing that it will take nearly 30 mins for me to finish editing one photo..ahhh! i like it better when i’m just so busy with my assignments..that photo editing will only consume less than 2 minutes and i can write plenty of things here in my blog..

i will settle my every business iÁllah but as of now, i so wish time flies quicker..i wish!

but anyway, happy eid everyone, i do pray that ramadhan has successfully cleansed and purified our hearts that now we’re as clean as we were in fitr..iÁllah..have a blessed eid people 🙂





for nobody..

it was once upon a time when he was born
and gracefully grew up to become a name people talked of his beauty
making the little girls and boys became one of him..
building their lives sharing the same attributes
with the man that was born once upon a time..
a nobody with no name and no related attributes came along the way,
to share part of nobody’s nothingness in the name of sincere fond admirationS
to everything else but beauty..
and that nobody has to find a place within, out or without there,
where nobody is appreciated for who nobody is..
not for what nobody inherit or uninherit because beauty fades and
nobody has seen stuff that goes beyond what beauty can do
and nobody believes those stuff counts more in bringing meaning to life..
or lives..



That long transit..

Beijing was not bad..i was fortunate enough that during the long transit I spent the night at one of the Hilton’s..the cabled internet was free, but you’ve to pay for the wifi..RMB 2 per hour and RMB120 for unlimited wifi use throughout the day..i mean, they could’ve just provided wifi for free because people pay them heaps to stay so why being stingy still..?

The flight that night was rough due to the bad weather and I’m beyond grateful I survived that flight..i hated it when the captain himself made the announcement..their “this is the captain speaking” sounded so much like “this is your grim reaper speaking” ahhh T_T I always hate flying..

Nevermind the journey, I had a pleasant night at hilton with filling breakfasts so yea, I could forget that experience easily..haha..one thing about oriental country, you could still have the vegetarian fried mee goring and fried nasi goreng in substitute for all the other gourmet you can’t eat as a muslim..

I met some wonderful people throughout the journey..an uncle offering me a ride to the hotel because we’re one of the last persons on the queue clearing the customs trying to translate the Chinese accent for one another..and later finding out he’s an expat in Beijing and since his place was a bit far from the airport, he decided to stay at Hilton with his wife and his little son..so yea, I was that awkward stranger in their car but his wife immediately made me feel welcomed..

And when I was having breakfast at their restaurant, I helped two airline crews with their oriental food because the Chinese English accent was a bit too difficult to understand so they invited me join them for breakfast but I kindly refused because I’d rather not be asked why on earth did I not take any meat with my meal..

Well on my way back to the room, we shared the same lift so the captain offered me one of his spa coupons because he only used one and he’ll be flying in two hour time..and I kindly declined that offer because I’m catching up a flight myself..oh did I tell you, they’re private plane pilot and co-pilot..?and they’re French and they have that sexy French English accent..?hahah..

Nevermind, my point is, I had a rough flight but kindness are everywhere to help me forget that rough experience..you see, random/strangers act of kindness has never failed to help you get through the day..if there’s anything you can offer, even the simplest kind of help like making way, trust me those who need it will appreciate it as if you’ve given them the world..trust me, I know..