That long transit..

Beijing was not bad..i was fortunate enough that during the long transit I spent the night at one of the Hilton’s..the cabled internet was free, but you’ve to pay for the wifi..RMB 2 per hour and RMB120 for unlimited wifi use throughout the day..i mean, they could’ve just provided wifi for free because people pay them heaps to stay so why being stingy still..?

The flight that night was rough due to the bad weather and I’m beyond grateful I survived that flight..i hated it when the captain himself made the announcement..their “this is the captain speaking” sounded so much like “this is your grim reaper speaking” ahhh T_T I always hate flying..

Nevermind the journey, I had a pleasant night at hilton with filling breakfasts so yea, I could forget that experience easily..haha..one thing about oriental country, you could still have the vegetarian fried mee goring and fried nasi goreng in substitute for all the other gourmet you can’t eat as a muslim..

I met some wonderful people throughout the journey..an uncle offering me a ride to the hotel because we’re one of the last persons on the queue clearing the customs trying to translate the Chinese accent for one another..and later finding out he’s an expat in Beijing and since his place was a bit far from the airport, he decided to stay at Hilton with his wife and his little son..so yea, I was that awkward stranger in their car but his wife immediately made me feel welcomed..

And when I was having breakfast at their restaurant, I helped two airline crews with their oriental food because the Chinese English accent was a bit too difficult to understand so they invited me join them for breakfast but I kindly refused because I’d rather not be asked why on earth did I not take any meat with my meal..

Well on my way back to the room, we shared the same lift so the captain offered me one of his spa coupons because he only used one and he’ll be flying in two hour time..and I kindly declined that offer because I’m catching up a flight myself..oh did I tell you, they’re private plane pilot and co-pilot..?and they’re French and they have that sexy French English accent..?hahah..

Nevermind, my point is, I had a rough flight but kindness are everywhere to help me forget that rough experience..you see, random/strangers act of kindness has never failed to help you get through the day..if there’s anything you can offer, even the simplest kind of help like making way, trust me those who need it will appreciate it as if you’ve given them the world..trust me, I know..


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