a quick update..

i have been wanting to post up some photos from my previous trip to north korea and china but suddenly it’s eid now and it makes me wanting to post up some photos from the open houses and visits..but now i am so chasing the time i have to complete my visa application, complete some life changing event’s application, attend several appointments and camps, yes, camps again and again..and i’m so screwed with my photo editing that it will take nearly 30 mins for me to finish editing one photo..ahhh! i like it better when i’m just so busy with my assignments..that photo editing will only consume less than 2 minutes and i can write plenty of things here in my blog..

i will settle my every business iÁllah but as of now, i so wish time flies quicker..i wish!

but anyway, happy eid everyone, i do pray that ramadhan has successfully cleansed and purified our hearts that now we’re as clean as we were in fitr..iÁllah..have a blessed eid people 🙂