so here’s what i’ve been keeping to myself..

Praises to God that now the pieces i’ve been collecting are coming together perfectly and accordingly, and for that, i couldn’t be anymore grateful..it takes quite a while for me to notice that things are given to me for reasons and by things i mean everything..each person you meet, each decision you choose, each place you visit, each stage and phase of life you undergo..and for that too, i am beyond grateful for what i had, what i have and what i will be having..here’s a timeline i’d like to share and yes you’ll get what i’m trying to say at the end of this post 🙂

2008 – destiny brought me to wellington and it was a start to a very different chapter of my life – the new friends i made, the new places i went to, the new perspectives i discovered, the clues to every other things occurring from this starting point..

2009 – i encountered a different stage and phase of life on this year..began to be independent socially, juggling studies, LDR and some other pressuring issues and this year was quite a jump start altogether, both drastic and dramatic..some things end, some others started and some others were left hanging and discontinued..

2010 – i grew up to be more mature and fluent with the decisions i made and after winter that year, after one month spent abroad with constant communications and catch up, i figured that what was left hanging and discontinued the year before, was trying to find a proper placing this year..i was terrified with all of the possibilities considering the history i had with it and the blurry future it was trying to offer..so i flew home that summer..

21.12.2010 – let’s just say i saw sincerity in him..he’s letting go of his pasts and he’s meaning to move on and started anew, and he chose me..it was a bit too soon for him to decide who he planned to make me but he decided anyway that he knew where he’ll be heading with me..i gave it a try..he did too..and we moved on from just trying to really wanting to make it worked..

a lot had happened since then..adaptations, accepting one another, denials, arguments, communication break downs, smooth rides rough rides everything..until there’s a point in this relationship that making decisions were never a one sided process..

09.06.2012 – at this stage we already planned for a wedding so that weekend, we decided to visit the possible venues for our wedding reception..so one of the venues was a golf club in melaka..i showed him the hall, the pool area, the greens etc and i found him so busy looking around like there were just too many people observing him..like suddenly he had to check if there’s enough sunlight for a good photo..and we discovered a newly developed housing project so we decided to have a look and while touring the house, he’s busy checking on the worker that was following us, checking the bed, the balcony the kitchen space! but he was not satisfied, i might say..so when we walked out of the show unit, he asked me to go check the lake with him and so i did because suddenly he thought he had a good view to capture..and i was about to capture the view myself when he got down on his knees asking for my hand in marriage..it was quite a disbelief and may be too good to be true and may be just too overwhelming but i said yes! 🙂

This was where i said ”yes”..there was a fountain on the right corner of the lake, some golfers on the far left nine, and him on his knees in front of me.. ❤

14.07.2012 – when his family came to my humble place to officiate a betrothal between us..to mark a different starting point in my life that i’m about to encounter some serious business here and there was just plenty of things to do before i could step in to another stage of life..

it’s not always a smooth sailing rides but we both are trying build a successful future with everything that we have and Godwillingly our pasts would remain a learned history and the future would give us new hopes..

for his sincerity, honest intentions and determinations ❤
for the responsibilities, for the future..i’m officially taken! *and im not sure if i’m excited or if i’m sad* hahah..
save the date, for the venue will be updated soon, i’Allah..
the boyfriend i’m marrying soon..i’m not sure too if im fortunate or unfortunate 😛 ❤

6 thoughts on “so here’s what i’ve been keeping to myself..

  1. Wow, GOLD Club? That was where the guy digged the ring out… :p haha…

    There are a looot of other clean shaved photos of that guy… Why that one? T_T

    1. hahah..corrected thanks..but u sure would love it better if it’s a gold club huh..? 😛

      yeh..?i couldn’t see what’s wrong w the photo..u’re using my glasses!

  2. awwwww. nih tengah mode sweet2 la nih? Cuba tengah mode muka-nangis-tapi-tak-cam tuuuu. ahahaha

  3. hahahahhaahha
    Ak xbole terima post ko mcmni!!!
    *nk pengsan*
    anyhoo, semoga ur preparations berjalan lancar
    jgn nk serabut2 n stress2 sgt ye
    n jgn nk hilang tu hilang ni pulak nnt

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