of my language..

so i was contemplating on my language use in this blog, on how i was determined each time before writing a new post – that i will write it in malay..but each time, without fail, i would fail T_T it’s just so hard! really i think the grammar could go wrong, the flow of the sentence would sound fake and i might even use both malay and english without realising it, which, kind of beating the purpose of wanting to produce a 100% malay post..you see, i’m not confident to write in my own mother tongue! i sounded so much like a renegade now didn’t i..? 😦

i noticed this “inevitable” language interruption when i was attending the ptd assessment center the other day, where everyone struggled to utter a sentence with 100% malay words in it..we had to discuss in malay, and some words existed as if it’s a malay word by nature..alright let me show you some examples..

1) …business dapat berkembang dengan lebih pesat

would you replace “business” with “perniagaan” in your daily conversation..?

2) …mereka berazam untuk memberikan service terbaik kepada customer

would you replace “service” with “perkhidmatan” and “customer” with “pelanggan”..?

3) …so bila sales dapat ditingkatkan, sure company tersebut mampu membayar gaji pekerja mereka

do you say “jadi” instead of “so”..?or “jualan” and not “sales” and “syarikat” instead of “company”..?

i picked up several more examples but that’s not the point here..my point was, it’s not just me who can’t stop the english words from blending-in in our sentences, it’s the majority of us..and where do you think these changes will take our very own language to..?and most importantly, when the changes already took place, would we notice what we have lost..?would we even realise that the previous language we used to speak was no longer the language we now speak..?well changes are good, but how far is it good to the growth of its purity..?

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