of getting some cheap tickets..

i had to go to MARA yesterday to complete the incomplete agreements and submit them, again..and i found out that i didn’t need visa approval to submit the documents like what they told me..i knew, how frustrating and inefficient they were..

and now i have to delay my flight because they’re needing one week to issue the travellers’ cheque..and i’m gonna miss the orientation week  and will have a chaotic start as i have very little time to settle down and introduce myself to that new city..how fun! urgh!

but anyway, since i was already in KL and boyfriend was looking forward to visit the MATTA fair and was quite persistent in getting me to go with him, so i gave that fair a visit 🙂

the fair was huge, and you could find numerous agencies promoting their fares to their customers and it’s only a matter of deciding where you want to land your feet on..and of course, how much money you’re willing to spend..so i browsed through some of the booths and checked out some flight rates with the agents while checking the online rates on the specific airlines websites to have a good comparison of what each method could offer and i was not surprised with the results i’ve got..

if you’re looking for a travel package, where you’ll have tour guides, have a good idea to the places you’ll  be visiting and not looking forward to any troubles, then the MATTA fair is good for you..and yes, it’s good for you too if you’re looking for some domestic travel promotions, like cheaper theme park tickets, a list of affordable homestay packages, boat rides, rumah panjang experience, cruise packages and some other offers i didn’t get to look closely at..

but if you’re looking for some tickets, just tickets, you better do it on your own you just need to know your destinations, the airlines you can use and some online ticket finders to help you get the best deals..my experiences with travel agencies were good, until i approached the agents in MATTA fair and maybe, you just can’t get good prices from travel agencies here in malaysia..may be not yet..





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