this semester..

waiting for the sponsoring body to approve my allowance is like sitting under the ocean while waiting for the water to dry off..i mean, i’ve emailed the specific people in the specific departments asking them to process my application as soon as they can because class is starting real soon and it’s not my fault that they don’t process my application sooner..but nevermind, they’d still make me wait! *sigh~*

so as with my university’s registration and enrollment, i’ve completed some processes so by the time i arrive, which will be after the orientation week, i’ll just proceed with the other half of the procedures..i hope it wouldn’t be much of a chaotic start because i might need a lot of time to get to know that new place too as i’ll be on my own, alone..

and i’ve got my schedule sorted out yesterday and say YAYYYY to all of the linguistics courses that i have to do~!! *cry a river* T_T with one optional module (which is not optional at all since we have to do it anyway), i have 5 courses to do this semester..back in the undergraduate years, i’ve taken a maximum of four classes in a semester, one being a teaching experience..but this time around, i’ll be taking 5, with 3 of the courses being the major branches in linguistics – phonetics & phonology, sociolinguistics and YES the ever famous and hated SYNTAX! i wish Jo can do this course for me..sobs..

so i talked with Jack last night, whining to him why should they make me do everything at one shot..telling him that it’s almost impossible to pass both syntax and phonetics & phonology at the same time – they even put a notice down the list that a student must pass at least one of the two..as if most of the students usually failed both! of course i’m freaking out!

and he kindly said “because they know this time around you’d have me to support you..i’d make you a cup of drinks when you’re studying for your exam” hahah..you see, i’m laughing while writing this..he’s being such sweetheart, yes..?aww~ ♥

and here’s the courses i’m taking this semester..those numbered (1)

i’m not sure if i chose to do double MA when applying but it seems now i’m doing both linguistics & language teaching..would i have a double MA..?

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