wedding & earning..

i went out for dinner with yot last night when we met two of our schoolmates at the restaurant..and it so happened that one of them will be getting married by next week..so we had a longgggg dinner and we talked about a lot of stuff..from work to self to marriage etc..the sort of talks people had after not meeting for years and suddenly finding out a wedding bell would be ringing soon..it’s such a hot topic for people my age these days, seriously..haha..

so he’s working as a primary school teacher and his future wife’s working as a kindergarten teacher and yes, agree with me, they make such a cute combination yes..?trust me they are..amin is a small guy with curly hair and as funny as ever, his jokes are always sharp and punching and imagine he’s building a cute little family of his own..i bet his kid’s first language would be laughing 😀

we used to be classmates, discussed on which class to skip, or looked for a person to copy their math exercises from, took turn to sleep during religious studies, booked after a novel and teased each other for being too cheesy reading a romantic novel and pretended as if we’re not liking the story (i had a photo of you holding “cinta marissa”)..hahah those days amin! and most importantly, i made him and the rest of the guys in my class to dance to a bollywood song back when we’re 16! and yes amin was at the front line..haha..

you see being a primary school teacher, he said he’s just so tired getting to come home by 1 in the afternoon..and his future wife would also come home around the same time as he would..imagine the amount of time they can have every day and would still be very capable of living a humble life, getting themselves the basic needs they’d need, spending some for leisure – they’d still be capable of having those..

compare his life with our lives..coming home from work at night thinking we’ll earn much with the extra hours spent at the office yet wishing to have more time to be at home to get some stuff done or simply to spend time with our family..you see, working your ass off so hard sometimes pays, but most of the time, you’d need to spend more just by earning more..get what i mean..?

imagine living in a big city where the rental of your house alone constitutes like 30% of your salary..and since you think you’ve secured quite a position in the company you’re working with, you’d buy a car that further consumes another 35% of your total salary..and what’s left for your well being are around 35% which you have to generously distribute among your family, bills, your own needs and savings/insurance..and yes, with never enough resting time, never enough family time, never enough “me” time..

i’m not trying to be all negative here..true we can have around 15 days leave but what’s 15 days compared to 365 days..?not that by not going to work for 15 days you can save up like 50% of your spending on fuel monthly..no way darling, it’s not as simple as that..so yea, if you ask me, i’d rather work a humble job, or a humble business, live in a humble city, not in a super busy big city..i’d have more time for my family, more time for me to socialize with things i love like books, orchids, foods whatever i feel like doing at that instant..i wont be earning much but as little as i earn, i’d not think of spending so much just because i’m just so stressed out from work and i feel like i need to spend to de-stress..sometimes, it’s good to think, not on how much you’ve worked on, but how much you’re getting back..

so amin, i’m wishing you well, sorry i wont be able to attend, but you and your wife will have my prayer i’Allah..to be blessed with a lifetime of happiness, blessed with cute little boys and girls..all the best amin 🙂

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