being sent away..

i guess i have to wind up my blog’s time time zone..because i’m now writing this in my humble studio in leeds 🙂

the journey was long, and if you’re in europe, you rarely get to fly on low seasons so yea, i got into a full plane and i didn’t get the aisle seat..lucky my seatmates were fun to talk with and yes, i met some wonderful people again, in-flight..to singles flying solo out there, hey, there’s almost a 100% chance for you to be sitting with a stranger and why not use that opportunity to just get to know some new people..so ask for the middle seats if you want an increased potential of meeting people who might be single too..

err, nope..i’m not trying to match make anyone..

nevermind that..i’d like to thank those people sending me off the other day..it’s been a week but i do believe it’s never too late to thank anyone for their favours to you..so yea, special shoutout to boyfriend and his good friend and his sister for driving all the way from batu pahat to klia to bid goodbye to me..sobs..it was sad 😦 but like he said, it’s not goodbye, it’s “till we meet again”..and yea, Godwillingly, i’m agreeing to that..boyfriend, be good while i’m away alright..i’m missing him now..sobs..the time difference is killing me..trust me no one understands LDR better than me..*berlagak gila bunyi* 😛

and to gundam, i know now why he’s at the airport like in a blink of an eye..he speed up on his bike that he got into an accident on his way back home..ariff, it might feel good racing with speed, but there’s no strong protections but your knees and elbows when you’re on your bike..so do ride carefully next time..alright..

it’s fall now and winter is approaching..they are both the views from my studio on level 8..you see, i miss those small buildings back in NZ..such a lovely place..




2 thoughts on “being sent away..

  1. I’m good while u’re there… And will be good, always :p haha.. Let’s just hope I dont get tickets for making sure u arrived at klia in time.. :p amik gamba guna camera apa ni? kata takde camera?

    Take care while u’re away… Don’t lose anythings else, don’t be so clumsy.. 🙂

    1. yea tickets! haha you better check for that because you need to be cleared from any criminal charges including traffic offenses if you’re to apply for a visa to be here..

      anyway, i took that with my new, basic phone..ada camera..so yea, boleh la buat2 lepas gian tak bwk camera 😛 and yea, trust me i’m trying hard not to be careless and clumsyyyyy

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