of the stolen machine..


it’s been raining and these two three days have been nothing but cold and wet where i live now..i learned that an umbrella wouldn’t be much of a help in wellington so i assumed the case would be the same here, but no, i was wrong..however broken the wind would destroy your umbrella, you’d still need one or you’ll end up arriving soaking wet into your class..

and oh, let’s just say life has been pretty challenging lately and might have been causing me a line or two wrinkles but i’m trying to stay strong and make do with whatever i have here, enjoying the companies, indulging in what i like doing and doing best, Godwillingly..linguistics have been fun and always is, i jusy miss my previous school of linguistics and applied language studies..

anyway, to dear friends, newly met or old friends of mine, i lost my phones for nearly a week now and i’m sorry if i cannot be contacted through my whatsapp..i lost the numbers and i did not have any back ups with me..so if you don’t mind, drop me an email or a facebook msg stating your phone number, ya 🙂 this is my email address dunmailme_yuyu@yahoo.com

you know, it’s just so heartbreaking seeing the charger on the table thinking “there’s no way i can find the old phone and not waste this charger” uh~ me and my stuff, we have such a strong bond..i miss it, singing soft melodies to wake me up..*drama much* 😛

and oh, i’m compiling and placing my playlist back on the laptop so i just have so much music in me right now and here’s a song i’d like to share with you..it’s the script ft will.i.am – hall of fame





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