of a friend..

so i attended the undergraduate linguistics class and only then i found my passion for linguistics resurfaced and revived..how could i explain this..?let’s just say, it had to be something you’re so fond of and to me it’s sociolinguistics and so, it had to be the same kind of lecturers involved in sociolinguistics to wake me up from my cluttered mind..there’s a stereotyping involved here but it’s a stereotype for a reason and good Gosh, i mean this in a good way..i’m all in now..alhamdulillah..

well nevermind my class..i’m not trying to describe anything from the class but someone from my class just really captured my attention on her..yes it’s a her so don’t worry mr boyfriend, i’m being good still 😛

being in a linguistics class you can imagine how culturally diverse we are and not to mention how rich we are when our linguistic background are checked..there’s a student from japan, south africa, india, german, iran, china, france with some local students and there’s a girl from saudi arabia..

i got to know her and her world for obvious reason; we’re both muslims and we share plenty of the religious practices and beliefs together..i got to know her better each day and today, we had some coffee time together..she showed me some of her wedding photos and her baby and her house back in saudi and let’s just say, she’s not even middle class she’s on the upper class! *gulp*

in their culture, wedding receptions should be held in two different places, separately..she had hers in intercontinental hotel and the husband’s in one of the hotels too i couldn’t recall which one and their definition of a honeymoon was in one of the four seasons hotel & resorts..the make up artist was brought from bahrain especially for her wedding and the wedding dress was a vera wang, bought straight from the states..before i knew she’s well off, i humbly asked “why didn’t you and your husband live in one of the university’s hall, it’s cheaper..” imagining they might be renting a cold house just to save some money but upon seeing the photo of their current house, which was already a two bedroom house which they claimed to be small, i really had no idea where else i could suggest them to live..

well, i’m not trying to be speculative and all materialistic or superficial but i guess my assumption is right..they are a group of people like those i saw in milan, getting into the LV mansion, chose all the items they wanted, put them on and immediately had the sales person to put on the check out counter and just pay whatever amount they had to pay and came out from the mansion with a hand full of shopping bags just like how people came out of the groceries stores..

and out of a sudden, while she was browsing for the university’s souvenirs (she planned to go back to saudi during the winter break) she asked me the size i wore, the colors i liked and she started to put on those souvenir tees on me..well i knew by then her intention and i insisted for her not to get me anything but she insisted even more!

it’s thoughtful and sweet of her to get me a tee but really, if i can tell her without hurting her, i would like for her to know i’d still be a friend without any of those..without her having to buy or offer anything..

but really, i was beyond delighted after finding out that she purposedly asked me out for coffee just so she can bring me to the souvenir shop and get me the right tee with the right size with the right colour..she’s just so thoughtful isn’t she..?and how do i repay her now..ohhhh~


2 thoughts on “of a friend..

  1. I know how it felt like, it must be awkward. But just repay her with your kindness (ure good at it!) if shes a true friend she’d appreciate it 🙂 anyway glad that you have made some friends over there!

    1. i’Allah, i’ll try to be a good friend 🙂 and well nonie, i always sincerely see you as such a kindhearted person..thank you for dropping by here nonieeeeee 😛

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