of filling up the calendar..

i was changing this blog’s theme when i notice the time change – that the calendar has changed to october when it’s not even 12 yet in malaysia let alone in england..the timer’s still following NZ time and i wasn’t aware of it until today! i have this obsessive compulsive that i cannot see empty and unmarked calendar and i think i have the urge of filling the dates with blog posts, which is of course, quite impossible to fill up..so yea, i’m writing this so at least, if you scroll down and look into the calendar, there’s a post occupying the date 01.10 🙂

actually i’m more interested in introducing the new theme but i just can’t refrain myself from mentioning the technical problem above..pardon me for that 😛 i’ll look for any possible solutions and fix the timer but yea, how do you like the new theme..? 🙂





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