of unsupportive aids..

I couldn’t really sleep last night after the long reading..served me right, i purposely delayed completing the task so i raced with time..but i finally slept last night, i just dozed off..

i had a dream i couldn’t remember what i was dreaming but i knew i was dreaming and i think i decided to wake from the dream and as i woke up i felt a strong, one-shot pain on my right stomach..and it’s near fajr so i decided to just wake up at that instant..

i was scared thinking of all the possibilities..living here alone, in a secured hall, not knowing who to call in case of emergencies, everything came crossing my head..i got up, just so i’ll be conscious if the pain is to strike again..i was sleepy, tried to sleep, but i was just too scared if it were to attack again..so i was certain from until i finished my prayer until i got up for shower at 8:45, i was half asleep throughout..

and i get so sleepy tonight, as early as 10..but i’m writing this just because i don’t want the pain to strike when i was sleeping..ya Allah, i hate this feeling and while i’m writing this, i can feel the pain lingering around my abdomen and plank..i went to the practitioner earlier and i couldn’t get any appointment until thursday..i really wish there’s nothing going on with me..i hate it when medical supports are hardly accessible.. 😦





2 thoughts on “of unsupportive aids..

  1. Yu, kau sakit perut ke ape? atau ovulation? i used to get that especially a week before that time of the month. get ready with menstrual pills just in case u really need it.

    1. this is sth else farah..like sth going on in there..may be appendicitis..tapi esok baru aku dpt jumpa doctor..i’m praying hard it’s not appendicitis 😦 but thank you for ur concern poms..

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