of that holy land..

i just watched adam & hawa episode 23 & 24..i didn’t really care what happened between the two of them, but these episodes were shot in the holy land and there were scenes on jabal ar-rahmah, safa wal marwa, the quba mosque, masjid an-nabawi and of course masjid al haram..

forget however the storyline was..i was so mesmerized as they entered masjid an-nabawi..i cried with them as i’m deeply saddened that i was not there, and i really miss that place, missing the place where hijrah took place..the place where our prophet pbuh used to live..and upon seeing them entering the masjid al-haram, i was humbled and i felt so small that i was not one of them, not among the guests of The Creator who are able to devote their time and beings to purify the sinned selves..

it was such an emotional moment..Godwillingly, i’ll be there someday..

4 thoughts on “of that holy land..

  1. There was an ustaz who once said that even if we don’t have the financial capacity, just pray to Him to take you there, to be His guest and inshallah you’ll get it. He got the opportunity to go for a Haj for free because he prayed for it…

    So yea let’s just pray He’ll make it easy for us to be His guest, financially spiritually mentally and physically 🙂

      1. Insha Allah I’d take you’ve me there 🙂 and our parents as well if they want to..

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