of that brain theory..


don’t you just hate it when it’s so sunny yet the wind is howling like a mad witch that you just can’t enjoy the outdoor walks..?and yea, you’re only left with the warmth of your duvet 😦 LOL how ungrateful i was 😛

nevermind my preposterous TALE up there, let me make this post useful instead, shall i..?

has it ever occur to you, how automatic your senses are..?i mean all 5 of them..your vision, smell, taste, sound and touches..here’s what i mean..boil a water, and when it’s at its 100 degree, put your finger on the kettle..would you lift your fingers immediately or would you process “oh this is too hot..my skin can’t handle it and thus i should lift my fingers” in your head and after finishing that thought, then you lift your fingers..yes, you don’t process it that slowly..it’s automatic you’d immediately remove your fingers from that kettle..

here’s another example..you’re trying to read a novel in a train and suddenly the person behind you answers a phone call and speak loudly that everyone in the coach could hear him..could you avoid from listening..?well yes you can plug in your earphone or ear plugs but let’s just say you can’t plug anything into your ears, could you refrain yourself from understanding the conversation and pay attention to it if it’s in your native language..?exactly, you just can’t..it’s automatic..

want another example..?blind fold your eyes, and have someone to put peppers in your mouth..you’d know it’s pepper wouldn’t you..you see, we’re all automatic beings and whatever interactions happening between your senses and your brain – they are like magic! it’s even quicker than any of your smartphone’s processors..

it’s not something we don’t know – that our sensors and brain work in a smaller timely unit we don’t even know how to count that slowly..but are we not amazed still now..?with our brain’s capabilities..?

they even make theories out of these special capabilities of our brain and what i’ve just told you, is part of the mental architecture – theory of modularity..there’s another part of the theory but let’s just not get you so much into linguistics complexities shall we..? 🙂

the exact same chart we used in the lecture today but don’t worry i saved all the other details..it’s here just so it’s not plain, boring text..





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