of being a user..

using has always been the easiest part..everything is made or prepared for you, so all you need to do is to use..

you bought a car, so you drive..

there’s food, you eat..

there’s a wardrobe, you put your clothes in it..

there’s a clothes, you wear it..

you’re sick, so you buy some medicine..

you see, driving a car has never been as hard as making a car..imagine the process of gathering the materials, setting up the electronics and checking on their security features..the same goes to the process of making a wardrobe – from designing to manufacturing..never as easy as just letting it sits in your room to store all of your clothes..and imagine the rest of the other processes in producing all of the above..it’s way easier to just consume, yes..?

the same goes with language..you’re born and suddenly you use the same language that your parents use..well in this case, everyone of us is a user..but not knowing who make the languages for us, does not mean we don’t have to know how languages are created..and that’s what i’m doing now..unpacking the history, of how languages are learned and created in the brain..





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