of learning your first language..

who says magic doesn’t exist..?

do you know that scientifically speaking, you don’t learn language..?you are actually born with some genius cognitive mechanisms that allow you to speak! just like having eyes to see, having nose to breathe and having ears to listen..

language acquisition might not be as automatic as seeing, breathing or listening, but it has to be developed just like walking or running with your feet and eating with your hand..

of course you’ll need input..as in what language to speak and some basic vocab to start your learning but research shows that we learn very limited vocab and language rules, but eventually we will develop the ways to speak the language and poof! we have the adult grammar already..

well here’s a proof to support the notion that a native language acquisition is innate; it’s built in our biology and not so much learned from the society..

the child is cute isn’t she..? haha..to all friends who are now a mother/father, good luck teaching your kids the language..

that was quoted from one of my lecture notes by my lecturer, melinda whong..so the example above shows that, no matter how much input a child gets, she’ll learn what needs to be learn when the time comes..when the mechanism in the brain lets her..

i think what most parents do are just teaching the kids to speak, and not teaching the LANGUAGE..so in teaching kids to speak, parents won’t feed the children with every vocab in the language and bombard them with the grammar rules of that particular language..however, despite the limited input, the kids manage to develop a perfect language skills, yes..?and hence, language learning is innate..it’s already built in there, somewhere behind your head..

but what concerns me now is, when exactly do kids make sense of their language..as in understanding perfectly what they are referring to when they say something like “i want that blue shoes because that reminds me of daddy”..when exactly they understand the concept of “thought”..and how did they acquire that..understanding the meaning of their utterances and make language as part of their “thinking” process..

so yea, i’ll need a baby for my PhD research..i’Allah..

p/s see, magic exist! 🙂


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